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Travel Agency and Dating Site

edited April 2012 in - West Africa
I contacted a woman on a dating site name of Stella Damas address given as Close 30, Satellite Town, Lagos Nigeria. It is apparently a Pentecostal Church where she has accommodation. She wants to visit me where i live but has no passport or visa. She has asked me to contact a travel agency called 'Blumer travel and tours agency'
Has anyone anyone heard of the above person, church or travel agent.


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    yes i have heard of this travel agency. My friend bought a Flight ticket from them, while travelling back to Australia. I guess they are competent and reliable.
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    I don't know what Patrick's friend's experience is, but according to Google, "Blumer travel and tours agency" doesn't exist. That is a huge red flag... even if the agency doesn't have a website (and what travel agency doesn't have a website), there should be some mention of them SOMEWHERE. This is most likely a scam.
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    Thats exactly why i was suspect i tried loads of different ways to find them but not a sign anywhere. As you say some sort of mention some where if if they dont have a website. Anyway i have now stopped that contact it was obviosly a scam
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    Good for you! We have so many stories on this forum of people getting bled dry, it's nice to have a happy ending:-)
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    Hi Anya K

    Thank you


    If you can not find them on the net more than likely they are a scam

    This also goes for any person you meet on line
    you can see if they have taken others photos and check with companies they say they work for (check phone listing for these companys etc)

    Please be warn nigerians are experts at this and they will do it blessing and thank god


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