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Santiago Chile

I am hoping to visit Santiago Chile with my wife and toddler son in about three weeks (Jun- July/2010). Need some advise on the smog conditions during this time, what precautions needs to be taken? My second question is transpiration from the airport to the hotel, what’s the safest means?. Is catching taxi from the airport safe? and finally what are the un safe places to avoid in the Santiago area?, any useful information for a first time traveler like myself would be greatly appreciated.


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    Taxi are the safest transport, unless the hotel you are staying at is willing to put on a car for you.
    The smog is not as bad as has been made out ~ No precautions are needed. If you child is really small maybe get a mouth guard but i did not see anyone with a mask when i was there a year ago.

    The suburbs on the outside of the are probably worth avoiding to make sure you are safe, but i never felt in any danger there, even when out at 2am/3am in the morning.
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    want to go to santiago to visit friends for a couple of months this summer?it states that i do not need a visa?is this true and /or what documents do i need..thanks
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    forgot to mention im irish
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    You should be fine as long as you're staying less than three months. Irish nationals do not need a visa for Chile if their stay is less than 90 days.
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    As an Australian citizen would I need to get a visa for travel to Chile? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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