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i'm a Tunisian man, i have a Lithuanian girlfriend, we plan to marry next summer, but we have no idea about papers needed, and steps to do, to accomplish this dream, we want to marry in Tunisia and live in Tunisia, so any idea please?

you can reply in english, french, arabic

Thank You


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    Bonjout Houssem et mabrouk

    I will answer you in English for the benefit of all to this site: Firstly your girlfriend must have an original birth certificate no older than 21 days before you marry. She must also have a certificate of no impediment and her passport: If she has been married before then she will also need her original marriage certificate; her divorce documents: she must have all these translated into Arabic and certified but you can do this in Tunisia cheaply: for you your Certificate de naissance also certified and a certified copy of your tuk tarif plus passport if you have one. You will both need blood tests and these can also be done in Tunisie:
    You can organise to have the contract at your municipality and then have a party or you can have the notaire come to your home. Really it is quite easy to do:
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    Hi, Thank You For Your Answer,
    Does My GirlFriend Need To Give Papers To Her Government Of Exterior And Then Send To Tunisian Embassady In Poland?
    Or She Just Need To Bring Papers Here And We Can Make Everthing in Tunisia?

    Thank You Again
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    Houssem - your girlfriend should bring the documents with her to Tunis. You can have the translations and certifications done here. She should get the original of her birth certificate in her home country but it should not be more than 21 days older from the time of the contract of marriage.

    Good luck
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    Hi. I'm that lucky girl marrying Houssem0909 :D I want to ask about some visa details. In Lithuania we dont have Tunisian embassy and there is some special requirements for lithuanian citizens entering Tunisia. Which type of visa i have to obtain and where, that i could marry? Its so big lack of information about this in our country and i would be so thankful if girls that had same problems from Lithuania could share theyr experience on this topic. Thank you:)
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    Hi ,Ihave been maried over 8 years with a lithuanian and if you wanted more specifique details i`ll be mor then happy to help,as we have a very good experience on this send your email adress to my phone it is a UK line as we live here now after 7 years in TUNISIA my number is +44(0)7546848586.
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    Hi, my @ : , plz contact me, we really need informations to make everything correct and in time, thank you
  • hey guys :) my lithuanian girl is in Tunis now in my place , can I have ur skype or smthg to contact uplease ? @Houssem0909 she will leave on monday so please I wanna talk to u before monday ;)
    thank u :smile:
  • You can communicate via email - what are your questions please

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