Getting a Croatia tourist visa



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    hi i am citizen of kabul afghanistan and i need a tourist visa to crowtia so from where i get the visa in kabul is it possible or not and also before i had a resident visa of UAE for 3 years but unfortunatly that visa is canclled duty the office is closed and i have my family member in UAE so can they get me a visa from there or not or i can make it in kabul thnx
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    For all of you that are looking into visas for Croatia check out this simple guide to Croatia Visas. Hope that helps! When it comes to visa queries its always safest to just contact the embassy directly.
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    I am Bahriani and lookign for a TOURIST VISA, from where i can get it,

  • Hi,I am a Bangladeshi Passport holder living in UAE.i like to go Croatia for traveling please advise where

    i can process my Croatian visa in uae as there is no embassy.

  • As of 22 July 2014 Croatia has become part of the Schengen Zone. as it is a very small country Croatia does not have many embassies, so you can apply for a Schengen visa for Italy  ( for example you can fly to Italy and then go on to Croatia) and that visa will also allow you to enter Croatia
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