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    Hi, I am an Indian Citizen and I want to visit my friend in Romania along with my spouse for 2 weeks . Could anyone please help how to about the VISA formalities?

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    Hi, I'm a Jamaican citizen my boyfriend is Romanian and he currently lives here in Jamaica and I'd like to travel with him back to Romania soon. What will I need in order to do so and where can I go to get it..Please help me

    you may respond to my email address
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    Please if some one can arrange for invitation letters to Romania for me and my Collegues, I will be very happy.

    we can go on a Business trip or as Tourist.

    we are from Cameroon and we need to travel as a group of Five.

    Please advise
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    I have Indian Passport and have travelled once to Denmark.
    I intend to Visit Romania for Business of Tourist purpose for at most 30 days.

    I have tried to get invitation letter or a Tourist Voucher but very difficult.

    Please if some one can help with information on my trip please advise.

    I intend travel end of this month.
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    I am romanian citizen.You need a invitation letter from a romanian how guarantee for you and must provide have money in bank account.
    With more information can help you.Please contact am :
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    do i need a visa to enetr romania?i have to mention than i am from albania and i have the biometric passport the one with cip...and i've heard that albania may enter in romania if the citizen has the new passport..thanks
  • Do Romanian citizens living in Romania have to have a bank account with a certain amount in it in order to get a visa to the United States?
  • They have to show they have sufficient funds to pay for a return air ticket and to maintain and accommodate themselves while they are in the USA,
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