Help me i need advice: scam?



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    NEVER GIVE MONEY TO THE ONE WHO SAYS HE LOVES YOU!! He has to support you, not the opposite! Do not let him buy something on his name, car, house etc or do not believe him when he is saying he'll put it on your name later. Never give expensive presents! Never say that you have a lot of money or a beautiful car etc etc, do not let him think that you are rich... Do not pay bills that you cannot really verify. If he is not loving you, when you do not pay.... you are the one who knows best that you are buying him! Do not be stupid, do not think you can buy love. Be honest to yourself and most of the time you know yourself what is happening! 99% of the Egyptian men are living a difficult life, very low salary & no money to marry and get children (wedding is very expensive). Every Egyptian wants children... children are most important than anything else in life! Going abroad or marrying a Western woman is often the only way out. Marrying two women is completely normal and accepted. Sometime the Egyptian wife knows everything and accept for money! Your beautiful holiday-lover maybe has his family in his home-town or village! Be smart!!! I see too much stupid women, because I live in Egypt!
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    Dear BROKEN

    I just read your comment on Ahmet Talaat Mohamed owing you money and you trying to locate him! Please put down a contact number or an email address where I can forward you details on how to locate him. I know where he is and he tried to scam me aswell!
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    sure it is a scam
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    Dear Broken & GTO
    Are you able to give me more information on Ahmed Talaat Mohamed,of Elite Tours and ATL Tours?
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    I am in the process of signing a rental agreement with him.
  • Hi can any one give me more information on Ahmed Talaat Mohaned, I've been in business meeting with him with regards to his Tours,

    @Guest Can you please give me more information regarding the rental agreement with him.
  • I would also not recommend any one doing any business with ATL Tours Ltd (Pty), as they have failed to give any correct information about the company and at this point it looks like a scam to get money from the people of South Africa.
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    This thread has been closed due to a massive number of suspect posts by 'customers' of ATL Tours. As the company doesn't even have a website, I would hesitate to do any business with them.
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