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what documents do i need for marry my Tunisian fianc

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im a British lady wanting to know what i need documents to marry my fianc


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    Marian - check other thread for this information. Another good site for information on all things Tunisian is where you will find lots of British ladies marrying Tunisian men
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    My friend is a Czech lady living in England. She has a European passport and wants to marry a Tunisian man. Will he get a passport to come here and live with her, and would he be able to work here
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    Must go to the embassy or try to look a person who knows a lot about his thing. Because this is a legal details.
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    Merle - no the Tunisian man will not gain entry to the UK. The UK government is getting tough on this but she may be able to take the EU route. Take up residency say in France and go that way but she will need to contact an immi lawyer who will be able to discuss all the options with her.
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