Chinese Visa FAQ: all about visas for China



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    for questions relative to the visa procedure and the type of visa you are looking for, I would advise you to check some specialized websites such as that can deal with this issue.

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    For those looking for some piece of information about the Chinese visa procedure, you can have a look on Chinese embassy websites in your living country or go in and have a look on articles related to the visa issue in the category " Work visa and residence permit".

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    China Visa Bureau has changed there number it is now 0161 260 0335
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    can a person get china visa if his/her uk visa is less then six month i mean if its valid for 5 months and few days??
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    hello every body,
    regarding my experience, i encountered a lot a problem, when i applied 2 months ago for my working visa . Maybe due to the Chinese new year. But i think most of the difficulties are due to the requirement for the file. Thank you simon, I found some detailed information on this blog , which helped me a lot to obtain it. It was useful

  • Hi!
    If I have group visa, category L... Can I left China without my friend?
    We have only a paper, nothing in passport.
    I have to left China and my friend wanna stay more longer... How to do?
  • Coddy26 you simply leave China by bus, train, boat or airplane and your friend stays. Simple. No one will stop you leaving a country , having the correct visa to enter is important not leaving.
    If your friend wants to stay then they must make an extension as they are the one who will have difficulties.
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