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Getting from Salou to Barcelona by train

Hi there going on holiday with family in 3 months wondering if anyone has any advice on what the train system is like travelling from Salou to Barcelona and what the costs are dont matter whether you tell me in euros or pounds just rough guide, but most of all what is the public transport like.

What are the local bus services like while travelling around from cap salou into central Salou

Are there any good services or sight seeing trips as well? Any information provided would be appreciated


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    Hi. I seem to remeber it is quite easy to travel by train to Barcelona from Salou although you may need to get to Tarragona first? Some years ago we did this trip several times.I think it takes about 40 mins. You would need to check this out but I am sure it is easy to do. barcelona is lovel. Enjoy!
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    Recently I had luck to be in BCN, we saw all posible places in BCN. If you are interested to know about our trip and other suggestions contact with me by e-mail. We kept all destinations where we where, which museums and places are for free, or for example free first sunday of each month - like Picasso Museum, Mares museum (collections of many interesting things like pipes, women hair accesories etc.) I am sure children will love zoo and aquarium, for family there is always discounts.
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    i am going to watch barcelona but i am staying in salou i was wandering wot time the last train is to get back or would i have to stay in barcelona for the night.
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    hi you can get a direct train from salou to barcelona,but coming back just check your on the correct train as barcelona train station is very busy
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    Thanks for the useful information about this direction. I have been in Barcelona for 2 years, and it still difficult for me to understand better ways of traveling and cheaper of course.
    So far, so good. Can someone tells me from where to see for [url=]cheap flats Barcelona[/url], because my rent is higher for me. Thanks in advance.

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