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exchanging currency in turkey

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Friends and I will be going from England to Turkey on holiday in June and I have been advised to exchange my stirling once in Turkey rather than before I go as the exchange rate will be better, is this the correct thing to do? hope someone can help.


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    willis, I think it's better to exchange some of the money in England. Just check out the official currency rate at the moment and go to a bank or a change. We have been to Turkey last summer and I can assure you that it is best to have Turkish lira with you. Almost everywhere you can also pay in different currency but the exchange rate is... well... let's just say that - they know how to trade :)
    Also there are places - like smaller shops, or traders, where you can pay only in lira. And here are the specimens of their currency:
    Hope this was helpful!
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    Hi hello I'm new ;) I need information please I'm off to hisoranu in a few weeks, I've got a preloaded card from Thomson (euros) can I use this if so which is the best way too use it and where, is it better to leave it at home and just get a little lira before travelling and then changing in turkey, thank you for time
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