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Possible marriage scam

edited August 2012 in World Wide
My name is NASSER I am from Saudia Arabia and I am single I met this Ukrainean girl in a web site and I want to marry her and take her to live with me in my country or any place she want and she agree to marry me and we agree to meet in Istanbul I send her 2000 $ to come to istanbul but she did not come she just want money that is not the problem the problem is if I met a honest girl How can I trust her .
so I keep searching for a wife so I met this Austrialian girl she ask me to come to her country and live with her but she ask me for money for her grandma medcian I send her 150 $ and then she want to pay her apartment so I send 350 $ and she ask for her birthday gift so I send 200 $ now we are talking everyday and she told me she will get me a green card to enter AUS and she is working on it
and now she ask money for BTA fees for her brother in UK coz he can come to AUS
the question is will I trust her or not ? pls advise me my Email
[email protected]


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    hey dont get girl for money ...what u get is nothing...and for the green card , what u can do is go to australia and meet her first and then decide what to do...cauz if the girls is agreed to stay wid u, and if are also same that u have to get married her first and then u can apply for the green card ....cauz she has the same first meet her personaly...
    with regardes ranveer(india)
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    First you go to Australia and meet her then decide anything about marry.
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    Why you are wasting your money and time for her. Dont trust her because her family is not your responsibility. Be Mature and think for the positive solution bro.
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