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American traveling to Colombia- Safety concerns?

I am traveling to Colombia for 10 days and I have a concern as far as safety while traveling, not during my stay. I am hispanic, I just happen to live in the United States and I have an American passport. I am paraguayan so I do speak spanish. My main concern using my US passport. I was told by a certain anonymous that showing my US passport might pose a danger for me while being in the airport. I was also told that they call Americans "ransom". I think this person is trying to scare me rather than help me feel better about any safety concerns so I just want to know what are the "real" concerns an american should have when going to Colombia. Again, I do speak spanish so the only way you could figure out that I do live in the US is based on my passport.

I will only be at the airport in Bogota for an hour or so, my final destination is Bucaramanga where I have friends that I'm visiting. I will be picked up by one of my friends at the airport in Bucaramanga, so should I still be as concerned? I'm a girl who is traveling by myself and I'm 20.


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    I do not think so that you are in danger just by having USA passport. I travelled to Bucaramanga from Canada thru USA/Panama Bogota 5 times within last 2 years and no body hurt me. In Bogota as soon as you pass emigration you have to follow Conectiones sign and go by bus on domestic part of airport. Than you will easy find your airline. On the way back as soon as you land in Bogota you must go to door number 19 to get a TAX stamp, otherwise airline can refuse bording the plane or charge you $35.00 US.
  • Travelling in Colombia is much safer now than it used to be and the country is slowly shaking off its bad reputation. There are still incidents but if you are cautious and an experienced traveller you should have a completely trouble-free trip. It is best to stick to the 'touristy' areas of course. If you can speak Spanish that is a huge advantage but you will get by just fine with English too. The important thing is to be sensible, friendly and cautious - don't be a conspicuously wealthy tourist or walk around alone in quiet areas etc. It is an amazing country!
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    Hi Furil - we have another post on this subject - see our safely in Colombia post on
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