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Which are the best Places to visit in Brazil

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I am planning to go to Brazil for my honeymoon, If you have knowledge about places to visit there and also some more tips that are helpful.


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    One of the globe's most fascinating places, South america is South Our country's massive, a stunning country of powdery white-sand seashores, breathtaking jungles and wild, rhythm-filled metropolises. Brazil’s destinations increase from wonderful, frozen-in-time northeastern areas to extraordinary scenery of red-rock canyons, thundering falls and pleasant exotic destinations.
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    Hi again Johnrica,
    Check out this Brazil Travel Guide to get an idea of what's on offer. If it is between Brazil and Costa Rica you have a difficult choice because both are amazing.
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    In South America most popular places in the world.there many beautiful places to visit and enjoy your honeymoon.
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    Brazil is a great place for a honeymoon - you will have a great time! Check out this Brazil travel guide for information about things to do and weather etc :)
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    Brazil is a very great country.I love especially peeling Brazil.I hope we will have a visit to Brazil in my life.
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    The whole of Brazil started a good 500 years ago in Bahia, when at 1st November 1501 the Bay of All Saints (second largest bay in the world after Hudson) was discovered.
    Needless to say the cultural heritage that has been built in and around Salvador is huge.
    Bahia is also known for it's National Park Chapada Diamantina, also known as the Brazilian Grand Canyon
    There are also over 280 aphrodisiac beaches to be found along the Palm- and Coconut-coast..
    So one can really mix culture, nature and relax.
    Greetz from Salvador da Bahia
  • I think Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo are the best place to go as these cities welcomes you very warmly and with many cultural activities.
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