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Which is best tourist pace - Prague or Venice

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Hi all

I am planning to visit Europe with my friends in February or March. But we are confused that which is a better holiday destination Prague or Venice. As its our first time visit to Europe, so we want to make this trip most memorable and enjoyable.Though I have read many article online but not able to decide which is the best in all the terms - attractions, accommodation, food, shopping, adventures....etc everything. Thanks in advance. I will be grateful if you will give your suggestions.


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    Someone plz help me out.......
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    Personally I would chose Prague over Venice. There are a lot less tourists, it is a lot cheaper and there are some seriously beautiful things to see in Prague. But if you want to go to Venice then I would suggest that you stay in Mestro instead of on the island itself, the hotel was much cheaper with larger rooms, and there are buses that head out to the island every 10 minutes or so
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    I would second the motion for Prague. Venice is very romanticised, but the reality is often overcrowded and overpriced. In fact, the gondola rides on the Venetian canals were picked as one of Word Travels' top 5 most disappointing attractions in Europe.

    Here are some travel guides for Prague and Venice though, with information on restaurants, shopping, attractions, etc, so you can compare the two.
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    hey dear thanks a lot for your replies. I too want to visit Prague as it is more beautiful and cheap as compare to Venice. but my friends are saying Venice is more beautiful and lot more things we can do there as compare to Prague.
    Hey Anya and Gladdy have you ever been to Prague? If yes then what are the best places that you explored there ?
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