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What to see and do in Paris

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I know there are loads of things to see and do in Paris and I was hoping to get some recommendations? I will only have a few days so I want to make the most of it. Many thanks.


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    hie..Paris is full of attractions, it depends on you what you want to explore. But the most beautiful things that you must see are :
    1 )Musee du Louvre - Its a is a huge art gallery housed in an old Parisian palace. It holds a collection of nearly 400,000 items of art and historical objects in its collection.
    2) Eiffel Tower
    3) Musee d'Orsay :- This should not to be missed, even if you "know nothing" about art. The museum boasts the best collection of paintings in the world.
    4) Arc de Triomphe
    5) La Defense

    These are just the few ones that you should not miss out.

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    Hi Sally,

    Paris can be a bit daunting to new visitors, here's a blog post of my first time in Paris. I would definitely say go to Notre Dame, but try to do it at a quiet time.

    Otherwise, check out this guide of what to do in Paris for some ideas.
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    Thanks so much! And if I can pester you a bit more, if you could visit one place or area of France other than Paris, where would you go?
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    It really depends what time of year you are planning to go. The south of France is stunning in late spring, with colourful wildflowers blooming everywhere. Nice and Marseille are great coastal cities to visit, but if you enjoy your wine you shouldn't miss Bordeaux!
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