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HongKong tourism

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Planning to go Hong Kong in late January for just 5 days. But I have some questions
Do i need a visa to visit Hong Kong?
Is January is the perfect time to visit?
Is hiring a private care safe to explore the city?
What are the major attractions there?

Waiting for quick replies.


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    Hi fcannie,
    I'm not sure where you're from so I can't give you specific visa details but here is an overview of Visa and Passport Requirements for Hong Kong. Unfortunately January can be a bit cold and rainy but as many of the attractions are indoors you can still have a great time. Here is a link to some great Hong Kong Attractions to get you excited! Enjoy your trip.
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    August to December is said to be great time to visit Hong Kong, for getting visa you have to contact with Hong Kong embassy's along all the necessary information like reason to visit, account balance, time being to stay, where to get accommodation etc. Then embassy will review all the threads and deciding about visa.
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    January is very good time for visit the Hong Kong. Some impotent document are must for visiting the Hong Kong such as Visas, Passport.
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    Thanks for the replies.I am from London and will be traveling along with my elder sister.. but what are the attractions that i can explore in January and what about private car? Will it be safe to hire it for exploring the city.
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    Hi again,
    Hong Kong is a great city for shopping and eating out and obviously that is not weather dependent. There are also some great museums to visit, including the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Museum of History and, if you're interested, the surprisingly popular Museum of Tea Ware. Hiring a car and driving yourself can be pretty confusing because signposting is not in English. As the public transport is really good it may be easier to just use that. Check out this guide to Transport in Hong Kong.
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    Thanks a lot for such a gr8 information.
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    Yeah its a nice place to see and it is of great interest because its have a great history and its a best spot for the history lovers because everyone carries informative stuff and also enjoy its journey to Hong Kong.I like it also and visited it about three years ago.There are many attractions in Hong Kong which attract the tourist from all over the world to see them and its beauty attract the nature lover to capture its beauty.
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    Very informative

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    Very informative
    thread guys! I found this very helpful to get idea about Hong Kong tourism. I
    never have been to Hong Kong and just heared that it’s awesome for tourism. My
    uncle went there two times for some busniss purposes and he told me about its
    attractive places. He said that Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Clock
    Tower and The Hong Kong Space Museum are amazing places to visit there.

  • Hi Niky,
    December is winter in Hong Kong, but it is actually quite a good time to visit, with fairly mild temperatures. In fact, the autumn months of October and November are possibly the best time to visit, so maybe its worth moving your trip forward slightly? Hong Kong is essentially a year-round destination though, particularly as so many of the tourist attractions are indoors, so I'm sure you'll have fun whenever you go. In December, temperatures average between 15°C (60°F) and 20°C

  • Such an informative post dear Ella Johnson! I really
    appreciate your knowledge and found this thread very helpful. Ella Johnson! Can
    you provide me some details about The Hong Kong Space Museum? And let me know
    what kind of collections can be found there. I am curious to know. 

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