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Best nightlife in Dublin

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Planning to Ireland this summer for two weeks for a golfing vacation although we want to also explore the sights there. Regarding clubs and pubs, where can we find the best nightlife in Dublin?


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    Any suggestion plz...
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    Without a doubt the best nightlife is in the famous Temple Bar District! Or perhaps Grafton Street if you like things a little less wild. Here's a good article on nightlife in Dublin.
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    The Tripod is my very favourite, it's a music arena which is a bar/club all together (have 3 venues in total with different names). I like pre-booking a private booth because you get to enjoy the music as well as having somewhere to sit in a private area!
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    Dublin is the best cities in Europe.many night club are also in Dublin to enjoy night life of it.
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    Renowned as one of the liveliest cities in Europe, Dublin is a vibrant city with an exciting nightlife that will have you partying into the small hours of the morning!
    There are many active clubs at night so you can choose as Lillie’s Bordello, Tripod, Copper Face Jacks, The Workman’s Club,...

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