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schengen visa help

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Hi, I am an Indian student in the UK and I am applying for a visitors Schengen visa from the Netherlands embassy and I need some help.
-They ask for travelers insurance, which would be a good insurance policy that will cover the Visa requirements?
-Can I go to other countries as well even if I have not mentioned this in the application form?
-It says I am required to submit a letter of invitation from a family member in the Netherlands, passport copy and also their 3 month pay slips. I am paying for the trip myself but will be staying with family there. Am i still required to submit their pay slips?


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    Hi there,

    Your Schengen visa will allow you to visit any Schengen member state, including:

    Czech Republic

    I would highly recommend getting the payslips from your family, even if they aren't paying for your trip. Always better to be safe than sorry!
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    Hi! Anya K told you where Schengen visa allows you to go, but be sure to check if there is any of these (- country), I could't go to some countries but that was probably for political reasons. The Netherlands Embassy is the most liberal of all I could say, I've been to Amsterdam i 2010 and everything went so smoothly.

    Since you're a student, I recommend taking some affordable insurance that covers a good portion of your health expenses, otherwise you'll have really nasty problems. I took this one as I'm studying here as well, you can pay and get the confirmation for the Embassy all online. They will ask for the insurance and the travel ticket reservation at the visa application. So be sure to have those.

    Have a good time, and enjoy your trip!
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    Hi, Thanks guys. I will be staying with a friend in France for the same number of days as in the Netherlands will he also be required to give me an invitation letter? Should i give proof of accommodation in France as well?

    If yes what will be the format of the letter i have to use. The letter for the Netherlands has its own format, should i use a format downloaded from the french embassy?

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    I don't know what country AntonR is from, but it's VERY unusual to be denied entry into a Schengen member state with a valid visa. The standard procedure is to apply for your visa in the country you will be in the longest, or the country you will be visiting first. Therefore you shouldn't have to deal with the French embassy as well. It's not a bad idea to have proof of accommodation in France on you when you travel however.
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    Thank you Anya for the reply. My question was "will I have to provide the Netherlands embassy a proof of accommodation in France?" I will be dealing with the Netherlands embassy with the invitation letter that my uncle will send? Will I have to ask my friend in France to give me a letter as well?

    And if i want to show hotel bookings as proof of accommodation, should i just show reservation confirmation or do I have to pay the hotel for the entire stay and have them give me a conformation of this?
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    Any one?
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    About the letter of invitation .... consulate wants to make sure you have a place to sleep and even live, then:
    1) your uncle wrote a letter in original (not a photocopy), in which he says that during their stay in the Netherlands will be his guest and you will have your own room in which to sleep and provide you with all the means of subsistence for a living, also writes that lets you take control with his bank (address, etc.) a capital of € 2800(exact 27....not remember) for 90 days, but I would say in the letter as I wrote above for 90 days even if you are less.
    2) The consulate may ask you a letter of bank guarantee, which says that in the period in which you are in the Netherlands, the Bank ..... ensures total Euro for your stay in the country
    3) It is not enough to book the hotel, but must be paid
    So round-trip ticket paid
    Hotel paid or letter of invitation with guaranteed place to sleep and subsistence (food), in the letter of invitation shall state the address and telephone number) with provision of total euro (better so they give you the Visa consulate more easily), the bank will give to your uncle
    Travel insurance for the period you are in the Netherlands (with a personal accident 100,000 US.)
    There's nothing else, remember that your passport must not have a deadline
    That s all
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    i found now exactly 2716,78€
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    Thank You. Can you suggest a UK based company where I can take up travelers insurance? Preferably online.

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    i know only one :
    enjoy your trip
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    Thank you, I have bought the policy online and i got a confirmation mail which has the policy reference number. In the mail it says "you will receive your Euro Driver policy in the next 3 working days." Which should i show as proof for insurance? Do i just print the mail or do i have to wait for the policy??
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    Hello! I was wondering if you guys could help me out! My bf and I have been dating for 7 years and are about to get married. We are both on psw in the UK and want to go to Europe for a holiday. Thing is am not employed while my bf is employed part time. Is there any way I can get a schengen w/o a letter of employment or letter from uni? Are there places that don't require it? I noticed that there are embassies which don't require a letter but say that they "might" ask for additional documents such as these. Some embassies also require name and number in the application form only but no letter, like Norway etc. is that a better bet? I am a freelancer so may I get a letter from an organisation that has paid me? Also we are indian nationals but my boyfriends brother is a Brit citizen(though he lives in the US) and my brother is an Aussie citizen who has his own company in Sydney. Might this be of any aid? We are really at a loss and don't know how I can prove that I don't have any intent to stay back in the schengen countries! I do have sufficient funds! Will it help if we get a civil partnership thing done? Please help!
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    Thanks for share a valuable information.
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    Hello ,

    Good day,i would like to ask how to get Visa to Norway.
    Because i want to be a tourist there.
    what is the requirements?
    i really need to know that you..
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