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Romance scams

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It has taken me two weeks to decide to post. I guess I've been in denial. I had to read up on these romance scams and just couldn't believe it happened to me. I am lucky that I didn't give money the person that tried to scam from me but it doesn't take away the emotional loss. I met him on, funny it was just as I cancelled my subscription but still had email access. He had an American name Larry Briley, but he said he was from Milan, Italy. Both his mother and father were from Milan. (that should have been a red flag, since the last name was not Italian). He stated he was an engineer. He moved from California to Florida. At first he had a US telephone number and one week after we began emailing and talking on the phone, he was off to Turkey on a contract deal. One month later he got into a car accident and he lost his wallet which had 3000k in it and he lost his laptop. He said he hurt a child but he was more interested in his lost laptop. Two days later he told me he needed a laptop...specifically a HP Envy 17t 3200 to complete his job so he could get back to the states. At first, when he called it didn't dawn on me that all of this didnt seem I said I would try to help. But when I got off the phone, I begin to question, why isn't his job helping him get the laptop? He had sent me gifts to my job, even if he cancelled his credit cards, the credit card company would have given him a number to use until his cc were replaced? The more questions I asked, the angrier he got. He was really nasty- when I said I had doubts because I had never met him, he tried to make me feel guilty by saying I wasn't a good Christian. Feeling bad I said I would try to help. He later called me to tell me he found someone named Sara in Massachussetts who could come up with part of the money and I needed to send her 750.00 for the rest of it for the purchase of the computer. I got even more concerned when I heard this and I delayed in saying yes I would send her the money. I tried to encourage him with words through email and bible verses, but he became even more hateful. He wished me dead and threatened to take my photos from photoshop them and come to my job to show everyone what a "b" I was. After all this, I made up something and said I couldn't contact him anymore and again he sent me a page long email of hateful words. I began searching his name and couldn't find anything that came up with his age, picture or anything. On I was able to see that he is still using his email address.
His profile was on
Was 38 yrs
Told me his birthday was Jan 4

I tried to report him to but they said they couldn't give me any information without a subpoena.

I had no idea this was going on. I working on the emotional healing now and thankful I didn't hand over any money or account info. Still concerned he will find me and cause me harm.


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    This guy is at it again. You can read his antics on entitled "Scammed". His alias's are
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    still at it, using different phone numbers 647-795-6831 and 90-533-884-9035
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    I just want to say to everyone on here: DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU HAVE MET ONLINE! They are scammers when they tell you they love you after a few contacts and then go off to Nigeria or some other country and end up needing your money to get back home or to you. They fake contracts, they fake airline tickets, they fake everything but most of all behind that beautiful picture is another fake, 9 times out of 10, a Nigerian. I was scammed by one and since have found 18 more--it is my mission now! It will do no good to report them to anyone as they will never be arrested but you can get their pictures and the names they are going by out there so many ways. Just keep stay smart and almost all dating sites have them except the one through
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    Thank you for your posts. I pray that women will read these and beware. Its a shame they use the vulnerabilities of women for financial gain. I am a believer they will be caught...there's a special place for them in the after life.
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