Best time to travel to Thailand



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    Looking for the best time to go to Thailand? Wherever you travel in the world. it is important to get the timing right.As far as thailand is concerned, there are no absolute extrems. If you can avoid the rainy season.
    it would probably be best.
  • I,m a tourist by profession and explore many countries yet along with Thailand.Its a very beautiful country and very romantic places are there located in Thailand.I love beaches and wish to spend my all life on these beaches.I think the best time to travel to Thailand is in April or May because the weather is very charming there and people usually come in these months.Its a best time to travel and i am also visited Thailand in May,I really enjoyed it.
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    Gee I really don't know what you might be interested in tom . But thailand is a pretty decent place. There are a lot of things to see . You should check this out so you could decide on what you want to experience in thailand
  • January to March is the Peak Season in Thailand to travel. Humidity is at its lowest for the year and temperatures are slightly lower than normal averaging around 32° from Bangkok southwards. In the north the temperature can drop much lower overnight but during daylight hot sunny days are the norm.
  • Thailand is a tropical country, so it should genereally be clear all year round, even if there are intermittent rainshowers it shouldn't be very troublesome. If you're hunting for resorts I recommend the Anantara Lawana Resort & spa.
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    I think between November and February is the best time to
    visit the Thailand, because it rains the least and it is not too hot. This
    period is also the main season for festivals in Thailand, like Loi Krathong.

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