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Is a Yellow fever certificate needed for Uganda?

edited July 2009 in - East Africa
There is some confusion about the requirement for an international certificate for yellow fever to obtain a visa for Uganda. We will be travelling from Turkey in July. Is a certificate a requirement ? or only a recommendation ?


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    Yes, it is a requirement.

    An International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever is mandatory and entry to Uganda can be refused if you turn up without one.

    Certificates should be issued by your own doctor or other authorised person before you leave home.The vaccination consists of a single injection in the arm.
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    Defnitly correst as confirmed above. Do not travel without your Yellow Fever certificate.
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    I am travelling from the UK and had my yellow fever vaccination on the 7th of july, i am due to travel to Uganda on the 12th of July therefore not witin the 10 days, will they let me in the country or is it best to postpone?
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    Best will be to contact your operator you booked your tour with and let them confirm in writting if you will be excepted or not. Or contact the Uganda tourism board, they very helpful!!!
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    My wife is not able to take the yellow fever vacine because of her meds which compromise her immune system. I was told by the Uganda Embassy in D.C. that it is required, but she could bypass the requirement if she had a doctor's note or letter explaining her situation (that she can't take the vaccine). So now my question is, if she is taking precautions like using bug repellent, how likely is it that she'll get it? I've been to Africa 6 times and never hear anyone talk about yellow fever or know anyone who got it.
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    im travelling from kenya to uganda do i need a yellow fever jab?? please answer
  • If you travelling between african countrys, they want the yellow fever certificate. They disturb everytime when im travelling from Uganda to Tanzania

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