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hello...i'm travelling in may or june..wud like to ask opinion on whether to visit auckland ...i'm from malaysia.looking for b n b and how to get around in auckland?how abt drivers license?how to get muslim food?


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    There is a good Muslim community in Auckland - should not be difficult to find halal food. Auckland - definitely visit - rated as the 4th best city to live in worldwide. From East Coast islands to city centre to West Coast black sand beaches. Don't drive in Auckland - far too confusing. You can walk, take taxis etc. Rather than a B&B (which tend not to be centrally located and therefore more difficult transport-wise) I would go for a hotel room, which are often very well priced. Or a B&B in Devonport, which is an 8-minute ferry ride from the centre. Drivers license - you just need a valid license in english. If your license is not in English, then apply for an international one.

    Any more questions - please ask away. If you would like me to recommend specific accommodation, please let me know your budget, how many people are travelling, preferences for style etc.

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