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Best currency for Egypt?

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Hi does anyone know the best currency to take to egypt? Also any good bars and resturants for me and my boyfriend to visit ( age 27)


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    you can use Euro or US$ or English pound in Egypt. Also you can Use always the LE( egyptian pound ).
    where do you want the bars and resturants ? in cairo or in sharm or in Luxor and Aswan.

    if you want more informatiom contact me ( [email protected] )
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    Hi can anyone advise what currency i should take with me to Sharm El Sheik? I travel in May 2011. US $ or GB £, or exchange into Egyption Pounds before i go or when im there etc etc....

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    hi Dee, u can use either US Dollars or Euro for paying for anything. Sharm el Sheikh has lots of interesting trips like snorkeling in Ras Mohamed or Tiran Island, Desert Safari to the colored canyon, quad runner, glass boat, camel ride and bedouin dinner,...etc. if you will stay in Sharm el Sheikh, you can make most trips and don't forget to hike to Mt. Moses in Sinai and to visit St. Catherine Monastery which has a rare series of manuscripts.
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    I am an Egyptian...i would suggest GBP British Pounds...Sterlings...1 egyptian pound is 8.15 british...

    Change it here...not in the airport
    find a bank near your hotel..the commission is lower...:D

    Hope this helps...

    Enjoy your stay...and you gotta taste the Egyptian cuisine...but try nothing heavy at first...

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    I will be going to Egypt, Jordan and Israel next month and was wondering if I should be taking over the country's currency or USD? I was planning on taking Egyptian Pounds, Jordanian Dinar and the Israli Sheqal. I do not want to go through all the trouble changing everything over there. I will also be taking my credit card with me. I have been told that it is good to buy gold in this true? With my hotel and 2 meals paid, what would you recommend in spending money for 5 days in Egypt; 2 days in Jordan and 8 days in Israel. Thanks!
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    Dear Victoria email me at [email protected]

    i will send you everthing you need in your trip and if you decide to come be sure will not alone with you tour leader all the time from the Airport till back you to the end of the department

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    dont worry Victoria we have our agency in isreal can make you the trip you want
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    If you decide to take Egpytian Pounds with you then make sure you look around first to get the best rate. ICICI usually have competitive rates see here. Where in Egypt will you be visiting? I would also recommend trying the local food, it is wonderful but very rich so be careful. Your hotel should be able to recommend to you where is good to eat in that area.
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    hi, I'm going to Hurghada in May, is it best to take GBP, Euros or US dollars and exchange them in the resort?
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    Dear Phil
    Good Morning

    what about the category for the resort 4 or 5 star and can you tell me when excatlay to can give you the right price ?
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