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Traveling with an expired passport or no passport (possible scammers latest story)

Is there any instances where someone might fly with either an expired passport?Or after the expired passport has been confiscated by the airport the passenger might still be able to fly but only for the purpose of returning to their home country?

Scammer's story had now gone from being in Africa for the last 5 years (Originally from the USA) and after every reason in the scammer toolkit not being able to make on a flight to Canada. Finally gets on a plane and goes to Amsterdam then doesn't make her connecting flight to Canada so she stays in hostel for nearly a month before her supposed friend pays the way for her to travel the remaining distance to Canada. Then after she doesn't show up in Canada sends an email again nearly 3 weeks later saying she was stopped in Canadian airport with her passport expired. According to the story it was confiscated and now having no passport she was sent on to relatives in North Carolina and has now contacted the victim of this scam that is where she now is.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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    If nothing else, the time delays sound very suspicious. Why would it take her a month to get a new flight? I'm guessing she required your friend to wire her the money rather than buying the ticket directly?
  • Thanks for your response Anya K.

    I'm more and more assured every day that I am right about this being a scammer but every time I think its over or part of it has been figured out something else comes into the story and its started all over again!

    I have one other immigration/passport question:
    Given that her story is that she had been in Africa for 5 years without being there for a job/contract related reason and was only supposed to have been there for a 4 month trip in the first place...would Africa (Ghana) immigration have allowed someone to stay in the country that long without being deported back to her home country of USA? (Especially in the case that she was in their jail/court system for trying to take gold nuggets in her luggage for a period of time would suggest a foreigner would be seen out of the country as quickly as possible).

    Also USA citizen in African jail for smuggling gold nuggets with no answer as to when she would be released would/should have been all over the news. ...There never was anything that I came accross.

    Hypothical question in this case...I know its just a scammer story.
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    While I'm not overly familiar with the Ghanaian court system, I find it very difficult to believe that she would be able to hang around in the country for years and then leave freely. None of this sounds very plausible.
  • You are right Anya K none of any of this story since it began 5 years ago has added up to make much sense!

    If this ever winds up being a real person this is one very inconciderate, accident prone girl!

    Also Anya K in answer to your question in your previous message I begged him not to send any more money to this person in August ...thats when I found out he was still sending money to her. Though he said it was sometime last year that is when he last sent any money. So being that it is almost a year since the scammer got money I would have hopped they would have left him alone by now. He has been asked for money since August but I am aware that he told them no.

    For the ticket she last took a "friend of hers" in Africa paid for the ticket from Amsterdam to Canada after sending my friend an email that it would cost less to send her on to Canada than to go back to Africa. So this "friend" paid. But I checked online flight prices and confirmed with Flight Centre that it is cheaper to travel from Amsterdam to Africa than Amsterdam to Canada.

    Also the weekend she took the flight from Africa to Amsterdam in the first place I called KLM and confirmed no one by her name was on any of the flights for that day.

    In other holes to the scammer's current story:
    Immigration Canada when I called them last week told me she would have had to apply and obtain a new passport before they would have sent her on to where she says she is now in the States. She would have been held in Immigration Detention Holding until it was received. So she would currently have a passport which she apparently told him she no longer has one. (The amount of time she was would have been held here in Canada was plently enough time for her to have reached out an called my friend and inform him that she was so close by and she chose not to...she waits until she is supposedly back in the States instead. That seems suspicious too don't ya think?)

    My hope is that she emails him and just asks for money again and he will tell her no (maybe she might even suggest she try again to come here and it goes wrong again) and the idea of him now traveling to where she is in the States will be stopped. I contacted the police and found out very interesting information about this case that I can't disclose here on an open forum but needless to say the officer I spoke to agreed that If he plans to make this trip I should call the local police and report that a possible personal safetly risk is about to take place and they will take action from there.

    It's an avenue I will consider persuing if I need to. I run the risk that he will hate me for doing it but at least he will be safe.
  • The one part of this scammer's story that has never made any sense and maybe someone can tell me what the answer is.

    If someone went to Africa (or anywhere) for a trip in this case a 4 month trip to tour a country is it possible they can remain in the country for close to 5 YEARS without any question from immigration? Otherwise there would be no need to worry about getting visa's or having a passport if you can squat in a country for that kind of length of time. Especially in such a case that the person was arrested and put in the jail system for a lenth of time as wasn't as if she was under the radar in this case and no one knew she was there. Claiming that she was unable to get on planes and other excuses just went on way too long to be a legitimate story.

    If I am wrong and it really does happen I appologize but this seems very unlikely...otherwise why would we need immigration or a legal system at all?

    Obviously this claim that she is back in the states is just another tactic because being that this scam has gone on for 5 years the passport problem would come up.

    I just wish I knew how far this scammer is going to go with this.
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