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Travel Agency in Ghana

edited April 2010 in Africa
I need to know if there actually exists a travel agency called Antrk Travel and Tours in the city of Accra, Ghana. Please can someone verify?


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    Yes there Travel Agency in Accra Ghana called:

    Antrak Travel ltd
    Antrak House, Danquah Circle
    Osu - Accra
    tel: +233-24-489-0012, + 233-21-777-134

    From Carlos Kimathi-ASI-Malaria Travel Clinic on: 27/04/ 2010
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    am a student in college , my friend has sent me a documents which verify that i can stay with him in the USA.As a student can any1 , give me more links and help about documents i sholud prepare before i go for interview?
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    I have been corisponding with a girl in Ghana through a matching site. She wants to come to australia but has asked for money to help with travel documents required. She has asked for a total of $5,000 australian to have documents rushed through. Can someone please advise if this is correct or is it a scam. She has a British Passport.
    Also she now says that with a 2 year visa which she is applying for she must show that she has $12,000 Ghana ( $10,000 AUS) in her bank account.
    She says that if she cant produce the bank statement with the money in it then the documents will not be approved and the $5,000 will not be refunded.
    Am i a victim of a scam ?
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    QUIRKY -I am sorry to say but OFCOURSE you are being duped!!! Under no circumstances should you have to pay for anyone's documents to come see you.. What is wrong with you? Read the threads on here about scamming. Whatever you doDO NOT SEND HER ANY MONEY!!!! You will NEVER see that money again! Find a local lass.. you are much better off!
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    i just want to know any requirement on work visa in accra there a travel agency called "kessben travel inc" that process a working visa there?thanks
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    If you have doubts about any business, Google them and add the word "scam" to the search terms.

    Be suspicious if you see page after page on Google telling you that it is not a scam. These are usually posts etc which are bumped by the scammer. By the time you reach about page 5 of Google, you will find the real reviews.
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    can you tell me what is what here, I have a friend who wants to come to Australia but i feel that the travel agency she went to is ripping her off examples are as follows
    Cost of medical $250-00
    cost of passport $350-00
    police check $180-00
    cost of aus visa $510-00
    All of these are in US Dollars Can you advise me on this matter

    Thank you
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    if you want to get to know more about ghana just contact me ok
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    could anybody tell me have they ever heard of a travel agency called ( safeway travel and tours ) the addres that i have on this is ( 101 oxford street ghana ) the agents name is RICHARD ODURO he reconds he is a very small agency ,thats why icannot find any tracs of the company ,but surely he must be registered in the bussiness directory ,but i cannot find any trace , any help would be vital
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    Hi christies,

    Any registered travel agency will have an IATA number. Can he provide you with one?
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    lot of travel agency provide the ghana tickets but i am satisfy with Reliance Travels which always provide me the cheap flights to Accra ghana and save my lot of money.if you also want to save you money so try this one.
  • What I have learned in the last few months is this:

    It doesn't matter what the travel agency's name is or who the contact is that is emailing you with the travel information.

    If all you receive is a flight summary (especially if it is Royal Dutch Airlines or KLM) and no ticket or seat information is provided with is fake! Even if it contains a booking code until the ticket # and seat # are generated it has not been paid for.

    As I told the very informative customer service agent at KLM the other day if I ever have the ability to do it I will go after KLM for allowing the scammers to use their site in this way.

    What I told her is I understand fully that in our electronic age we can get a flight summary for any destination ...there should be either a sample noting or some other watermark to show that it is not paid for and no actual ticket has been generated.

    My friend has received countless of these flight summaries over the last 5 years and endless reasons why the girl he thinks he has been talking to can't get on the flight. Each time either she or the "travel agent/friend" of hers claims the ticket is paid for and she will be on the flight.

    Now although she says she finally got on a flight from Ghana to Canada (with other issues involved ---see my other posts for that info) she is saying she was denied entry into canada and sent to her originally home country - USA.

    I was told by immigration Canada it was at the descrection of the airline if a person could travel with an expired passport and so also in my conversation with KLM I asked if they allowed that and they said no...a passenger must have a valid passport to board a plane. In reality that is actually a stupid comment from immigration Canada that it be up to the airline...because if the persons passport is expired then the airline is transporting someone they know would be met by problems on the other end of their flight.
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    Anyone in ghana interested in travelling to libya ? contact me on [email protected]
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    If you are not sure about on google and get the best information.
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    i want to know if Samia Travels
    Employment Travel-Immigration Consultancy Firm Ghana
    actually exists.
    also Gail Thomas Mining And Construction Limited
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    Hi, i hope you can help me .
    Can anyone tell me if there is a travel agents in ghana or near by called >> Hometravels Ghana Board travels and Tours
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    Hello I am here for information about a travel agency that is suppose to be at the US Embassy in Accra, Ghana Togo House named: Travel and Tour Agency
    and has a Mr. Addo working there. I have a friend presently of Tema, Ghana who is suppose to be coming to the United States, where I am presently, to visit me. My friend Mr. Jacob Terry, is in touch with this Mr. Addo, who is suppose to be helping Jacob with his travel plans to the USA. Does this Travel agency really exist there? and what is required of someone to leave Ghana for the USA ...besides getting a travel visa to spend 90 days here? Jacob is a citizen of Johannesbury, South Africa...and had been working there in Ghana as a chef at a hotel. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ron Glass/ USA
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    This smells rotten. I've never heard of a US Embassy having an onsite travel agency to begin with, and the company's name is just "Travel and Tour Agency"?
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    $380 to send documents? I've had documents couriered from the US to South Africa and never paid more than US$90. Sounds fishy.
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    Can you tell me if Samia Travels exist in Ghana?
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    I notice a few people inquiring about Samai Travels. Does the company exist?
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    You probably found this page by googling Samia Travels Ghana, right? And this was one of the top results? No website? No Facebook page? No Twitter account? No record whatsoever of this company existing?

    That should tell you all you need to know.
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    Travel Agency in Ghana. All information I found when searching on google. Ghana is a beautiful country and has many popular tourist destinations. Thank for sharing.
  • Please, anyone heard of Universal Travel Agency, they are located in Ghana.
  • @nanaosei
    There is a Universal travel agents in Accra Ghana
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