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transport from lisbon to Hotel Costa da Caparica

hey there, wonder if any one can help me.
Im lookin for a fun filled weeks holiday in lisbon and wonder how easy it is to get from accommodation in lisbon (picoas) to the Costa da Caparica daily for some surfing?!



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    Google Maps does a great job showing you how to travel. You can even put in car, walking, etc... This will tell you the distance and hours necessary for the trip. If you want to stop along the way, put that in, too. You never mentioned the location in Lisbon, and you didn't mention how you wanted to travel. If you are going by train, the train also has schedules online to show you the routes and stops.
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    hi, i am travelling to the same hotel as you in July, i have posted a thread 6 above yours asking a similar question, maybe you could share any info that you get
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