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Help - Passport Validity

edited December 2012 in - Thailand

We are South Africans living in Australia on PR visas.

We are booked to travel to Thailand in 2 weeks but stupidly only realised now that our son's passport is only valid another 4 months and Thailand requires 6 months.

What do we do?

He has a Dutch passport too – could he travel there on the Dutch and retuen to Oz on the South African?

We are in a blind panic here!!


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    You should be able to use his Dutch passport for travel to Thailand and entry there. He will need to leave Thailand on his Dutch passport as well, since it will be loaded into the immigration system. It will also be in the booking record for the airline, so you may need to do some explaining about dual passports and having to SA passport for re-entry into Australia. My question would be what is Australia's policy on passport validity when you e-enter?
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