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Can I stay longer than 3 months in malaysia?

I wish to stay longer than 3 months in malaysia. I have a british passport and was hoping to get a part time job there also? Is this possible?


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    Hi Angela,
    maybe you should check with the Malaysian embassy in the UK to see if you can arrange a longer visa. Check out their contact number is on the Wordtravels Malaysia Visa page

    Also, if you're planning on working in Malaysia, Wordtravels sister website Expat Arrivals is great. Have a look at the work permits for Malaysia page in the Malaysia Expats guide.

    Good luck.
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    i want to marry a sabahan gal which i met long ago.. i just didnt know what documents i need to do so.. and also do i really need the certificate from my embassy that shows that i am not married in the UK???
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    Do embassy hands out letters stating you are single? What documents you need depends on what you will be doing after marriage to a Sabahan in Malaysia. Will you enter Malaysia on a work or no visa and apply for extended visa if you intend to stay long term in Malaysia? This will be complicated. Do you have the savings to settle under MMY2H program which allows you to stay and work? Are you intending to return to UK with her? This will be complicated. Will you apply for her tourist visa at British Consulate or will you show the Home Office that you have reams of emails/ correspondence and gifts and travel visits and previous meeting photos to verify you knew her before marriage- and support her application to join you in Britain?
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    To answer a couple of issues raised...albeit a little late (like about 6 months) if you haven't already ascertained, to marry a foreign national outside of the UK you need to obtain the official document from a UK Embassy where you live which is called an 'Affirmation of Freedom to Marry' it usually takes around a week or so to obtain.

    The other point on here (Site) regarding Visa's, you can always do 3 months then head out to a neighboring country for a day or so and return...usually the PP control at KLIA will not object particularly if yiou arrive fairly well 'presented'...if your a bit of a Hippy type, they could well refuse.

    The above information IS AS ACTUAL, I'VE DONE BOTH
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    Ferrari do you know what the requirements are from the UK? So say I was travelling to saudi arabia, do the check in desk staff check the duration of your visa or just the fact that you have a visa is enough?
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    Really appreciate if anyone can give me advice. I am holding a Philippine passport. I applied and granted a 3months visa in Malaysia embassy in our country. Upon arrival in Malaysia, the immigration stamp me 90days. Now it is going to end. Is it possible to exit in Thailand and apply again a new 3 months visa to Malaysia. Because going back to my country is to expensive. Thanks a lot.
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    I'm a Australian citizen and Muslim converted. Im divorced for 15 years and I'm visiting Malaysia real soon and intent to stay for 3 month with intention of looking for a Malaysian Muslim as my wife. Do I have to reconvert again in Malaysian Islamic rule before I get married and
    What document should have in order to marry legally in Malaysia ? Please assist me and thanking you in advance.
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    You can contact with travel agent and get the best hotels to stay in Malaysia.
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    I think you must be eligible to be able to in a long time if you want. 
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