First Trip to China



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    Internet access is available in China. You can definitely visit UK sites in China. If you have one month time to spend in China. I suggest you to visit Tibet. Cause Tibet is the most beautiful and mysterious place in China. You will find out unique culture, Buddhism and natural beauty there. Visit Tibet Tour - You will find more Tibet Tour Packages there.
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    If you plan to visit China, please choose Beijing, Shanghai. because here are two political center, Chinese biggest economic country great. You can discover many new things about the beautiful pictures of this East Asian country and its people
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    My suggestion is no big cities...Try to go to those places:Yunnan(Dali, Lijiang), Zhang Jia Jie, Xin Jiang, Guilin, Yang Shuo...So many amazing places in China!
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  • My first trip to China is on Study bases.I lived in China for Four years on my first trip.China is a very beautiful and progressive country.I like the culture of Chinese people and their way of working and study is excellent.I also have a job with my study as my Internship.I visit China almost all.There are great attractions in China which attract the tourist from all over the World.The villages are also very impressive.The farmers are very hardworking and work day and night not for their family but also for the prosperity of the country.They do not waste time in any other activities.I like this too much.
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