how to travel to istanbul?



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    Turkey has more many beautiful place and I don't how is travel by train and where will I visit first when come to overthere.
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    To be honest train travel is not the easiest in Turkey as there are not many routes.

    If you intend travelling lond distances between cities often a domestic flight is the quickest and as cheap as bus travel. There are a number of domestic airlines such as Pegasus ( Anadolu Jet ( Atlas (

    Bus travel is comfortable and there is an extensive long distance service covering most of the country.

    So really it depends where you want to travel
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    hi there...
    my boyfriend who is a nigerian is inviting me to come over there in turkey on his birthday on May 7.i already have the checklist of the requirements needed for the tourist shows there i need to have an original passbook savings account certificate adressed to the embassy.approximately,how much money does my savings acct need to have for the embassy to approve my visa? and what if i decide to stay longer than 2wks,is there any way for me to extend validity of my visa?i read that max can be 30 days.pls reply either here or to my email add, thanks a lot.any response will be a lot appreciated =)
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    Rosine what is your nationality??

    Check out
    for more information.
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