2 weeks in indonesia - what to see?

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I've got almost two weeks in Indonesia - what do I need to see? I’ve booked a last minute flight to Jakarta for this summer. I land on a Monday morning very late night and fly home very early Sunday morning almost 2 weeks later.

I’m keen to have some relaxing and some party time, and I love the look of the temples at Bordourbur, the crazy dragons in Flores (?), the orangutangs in Borneo, the remoteness of Papua, the beauty of Mount Bromo and of course the legendary Bali, along with Lombock and the Gili Islands!!

And I'm certain there's loads I've not even heard about. I’m not keen on huge cities, and we will give Jakarta a miss for this reason. As I’ve only got two weeks – what do I need to see? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


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