Is Morocco safe for travelers?



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    Yes Peter, I agree with you as I feel the same about Morroco - I wasn't impressed at all and would never go back again.
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    Hi guys, We had our share of bad experiences in Morocco. It was our first & last time - It's a horrible place !!
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    Well, you all went for something new after all.
    I'm only pleased it is nothing like europe, even with the hassle.
    I would not say that traders are poor, it is their livelihood to shake us down and even though it has happened a few time to me I will still go to Morocco.
    Marrakech has many sites within the city, all of which are easy to get to on foot, inexpensive to access costing a mere one euro to get into those run by the state or about 4 for the privately owned museums. Many other sites are, of course, free to see.
    Much comes down to how gullible a person is when chatting to a trader, especially the herb sellers who I detest selling their sweeping off the floor as miracle cures.
    No-one is obliged to go into a shop just because the trader smiles at you, just as you are not obliged to go into overpriced restaurants.
    The sites outside of Marrakech are truly spectacular such as the Atlas Mountains covered in snow, gorges and waterfalls, valleys and much, much more. At least when you go on an organised trip you are insured for your safety but yes, you do get dragged into herbalists but are not obliged to go in.
    I thought I would never return to Marrakech after a day trip from Gibraltar to Tanger as this was a disappointment, the following year I went on my own terms and have never regretted it. I go once a year now and will continue to do so.
    There's always the Costa's in Spain for example where you will meet some colourful (and mainly drunken) British types.
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    We were due to travel Friday morning and on hearing the bomb news have postponed our travel arrangements to this part of North Africa as it did frighten us particularly as the target seems to be tourists.
    The foreign office advice is fairly strong on both safety and terrorism issues and not particularly pleasing to read. They are not restricting travel but opt out on whether you should go or not.
    I would not have wanted to be there at the weekend - the atmosphere must have been awful in the square. Does anyone know what the riads are like particularly agasana chain?
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    Hi ther i am due to visit mid june i am looking forward to it but also a wee bit wary but i think like most places you just have to be careful and vigilant,it will be my first visit and hope all will be safe.
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    I might possibly be travelling to Marrakech over the Christmas holidays with my family - one person of which will be my 19 month old son. Can anyone tell me what things are like over there right now with respect to the bombing that happened in April? If it were you, would you go??
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    Whilst protests occasionally take place they are few and far between. As for the bombing incident, this also was an iolated incident. Life seems pretty much normal and the tourists are still flocking in enjoying themselves. There has been no problem for visitors travelling by road, rail, taxi or buses in most parts of Morocco.
    I would certainly go again but it looks like only to Tanger this time as I will probably be in Spain/Gibraltar and so don't fancy the prospect of a 10 hour rail journey from Tanger to Marrakech, once was enough.
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    Morocco is very well suited to travelers and tourists alike. My friend I recently traveled there for a few weeks and had very few problems other than the odd hustlers. We also made a short film of our time in Morocco if you are interested
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    Have just booked to take my husband for his 40th to spend 4 nights in a lovely Riad in Marrakech.
    Foreign office say kidnapping is a moderate threat (given what is happening in Algeria might this be upgraded?)
    I am planning on booking a guide (through our Riad) to show us the immediate sites etc
    Planning on eating in the Riad at least 2 nights - but they provide excellent recommendations locally (reading reviews) and will even have a member of staff escort you there (and provide you with a mobile phone should there be issues etc)
    I appreciate there will be a lot of hustle and bustle (which I now think my husband will HATE but he will be more than happy chilling at the Riad I think)
    So - I am happy with all that
    Was planning on doing one of the organised hot air balloon ride/camel ride/breakfast - it says this is 'in the desert and breakfast taken in a 'locals' tent
    Is this safe? Are we at risk venturing away from the 'safety' of the Riad
    I had read countless reviews of the Riad and the place and am so very excited about going

    Can someone give me a current temperature check of the place? safety wise........
    Thanks so much
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    Oh.....and if the Foreign Office advise against travel to a place - are you covered on travel insurance? Have only paid for flights so far.......
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    If there is severe political unrest or the threat to human life then do not go.
    At present there is no such danger and travel to Morocco is perfectly safe.
    I too have read the FCO website info (UK) on Morocco and find it slightly amusing. I does actualy look as though the FCO have not updated their info in a number of years.
    For travel insurance purposes, Morocco is classed as a Mediterranean country.
    Many people go hot air ballooning without incident. Where you read a phrase such as "local", interpret this as being strictly laid on for tourists.
    The hassle mentioned is part and parcel which you cannot avoid. You will be under a lot of pressure if you succumb to the charms of the trader. If you step into their shop then you are sunk with high pressure selling, this is especially so in carpet/rug shops and helbalists which should be avoided at all costs if taken in by a guide.
    Guide arrange with shop keepers to inflate prices immensely o that you pay far too much with the guide getting an extra income in comission.
    Shop in souks for rugs/carpets and always offer one third or less of the asking price for beginners and then go to whatever you "feel" is the right price for you.
    ps - some rugs are sold as silk but occasionally this is obtained from cactus plants so not the real thing.
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    Thank you!!!!!
  • Morocco is safe country. I live in Marrakech and moved here with my 9 months old baby girl. The city is safe and there are no any trouble at all. We absolutely love living here. Please note that over 20 000 foreigners live in Marrakech and lately I have seen many Spanish citiziens working in Morocco as they can not find jobs in Spain. Morocco is safe and great place to visit so plan your Morocco travel now
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    Yes morroco is more then safe country for tourists , you can hire professional to make your trip more fun.
  • My son wants to visit Marrakech in June of his 18th with me . How safe is it there. We are thinking of 3 nights in a Riad in Marrakech then 4 nights in a Essaouiras Riad. I'm a bit uneasy about it all but don't want to disappoint him
  • Marocco was an experience.
    Me and my boyfriend returned yesterday and I tell you that we won't go there again...
    The country is beautiful, we stayed in essaouira, lovely city, beautiful beach, lots of history. But the people are just awful. I had a really hard time as a blond central European. And I could coverup, wore no make up, boyfriend next to me.. nothing
    helped. Plus I never seen such an unfriendly country ever! Constantly wanting money for everything, even on the toilet on the airport the cleaning ladies who don't even do anything just chat want money from you, it's so frustrating. Also when we refused to buy 'space cakes' on the beach we were called all the horrible names and he ask why we come there if we don't want to help poor people. We were saving for that holiday for months but sadly we were so
    glad when we finally left.
    So yeah, if you can AVOID!
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    Its a lovely nation { i am going there this mid year AGAIN i simply can hardly wait to go} if u need to go out constantly run with your companions. a large portion of the things individuals said is genuine . the garments and shoes are extremely lovely and some are modest . The FOOD is good. So go and have a great time , appreciate your time !!

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