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    Hello, I'll be visiting Singapore for 6 days on my own on April. Should be exciting but its my first time to travel on my own.
    I do have friends in SG but most of them are working during weekdays, and that leaves me to go on my own itinerary.
    I plan to stay in a hostel near Clark Quay-but still undecided. Somewhere vibrant, not stiff and a lot of people.
    I want to join 'walking group tours' or dinner group--for a chance of interaction, but I don't know which tour groups are usually packed and has a good number of mixed people.

    So for a solo-traveller-where are the good stops? Anything and everything under the sun is cool for me?
    Also, is it possible to visit KL? Whats the easiest way and will save me time (except flying)..
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    Katrina, you can take a bus from Singapore to KL...its cheap, comfortable and takes 4 hours.
    To plan your trip, you can use this very useful website/app
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    I was planning to go to Malaysia alone this summer, but the thing is I am 17 at present, and my folks were telling me that there are traps for young travellers and so on and so forth, I would very much appreciate if an expert would guide me through to the best alternative ??
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    Hi Hussey,

    malaysia is generally quite a safe country to travel in. That being said, I am guessing that you are a girl and therefore your parents are worried during your solo travel, plus you are quite young in my opinion. I travelled in a small group when I was 19..
    That being said, it is always more important to be careful and alert because you never know when you will fall prey to.
    Hence, I think the best alternative if you would like to go to malaysia is to check into a backpacking hostel and get to know a bunch of friends who share similar itinerary as you. And ask if you could tag along or something. This will get you more people and a bunch of possibly lifetime friends.
    Recommend that you check out travelfish - it is for Southeast Asian backpackers with really good tips to share - or you can also check out travelmob - for their social stays where you can connect with hosts who are willing to take you around in a safe manner that gives your folks a peace of mind.

    hope it helps. Stay safe and have fun! :)
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    hello all..great comments so far. I'm planning a trip around June/July 2013, single traveler. Any advice on cheap, but clean hotels. Maybe in areas central to the city or areas of cheap food and good nightlife. thanks
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    Singapore has one of the best public transportation systems you'll ever encounter, so it's very easy to get around. Most of the areas of interest are all within walking distance of one another
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    hi zippins, clean and cheap hotel im not very sure. but i do know one hotel which is still not bad and the price is also acceptable. u can try ibis bencoolen. it is at the town area, walking a few streets down you can find a hawker center with really good and cheap food. besides that, there are also several food centers with very nice and cheap food. cheapest food is about SGD2.50
    and if you know how to walk, striaght down the hotel have several pubs (nightlife)
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    If you have money and you have 18 or 18 + age then you can travel have collect travel guide because you can arranged all these things.
  • Hi everyone! 
    I am backpacking travel from Vietnam to Malaysia for 10 days. This is the first time I come here and I don't know much about this country (the cheapest accommodation or transportation, Geography,...). I have an ambition of travelling all over 11 states in Malaysia within only 10 days. Who could give me some advice?
    Thanks so much ^^
  • I am travelling alone first time to the beautiful city of Singapore. I would like to know which are the important places in Singapore and where the low budget hotels in a safest places in Singapore to stay as I want to stay more days. 

    I have Visa for Singapore but I want to visit Malaysia also. How much Visa Fee to Malaysia from Singapore and how many day they will give the visa.

    Please guide me
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    You should check out Hotels. Com[0]=0&dd=27-05-2014&numberOfRooms=1&pn=1&query=Singapore,+Singapore&rl=

    This a reliable site that I have used many times to find a hotel

    Once you see a hotel you like you can then check it out on Trip Advisor and see the reviews here is an example

    For example the Drop Inn Singapore is cheap and has good reviews.

    Food courts are the cheapest and best places to eat. There is so much to see and do in Singapore look here

    You do not say what country your from so I found this information from the Malaysian High Commission

    Have a great time

  • I know its very late. But Can I come with you. I want to see Singapore
  • i wrote some stuff here about Malaysia
  • Singapore is absolutely safe to travel.. Anywhere and anytime.. 
  • Singapore is a safe place to travel alone though you would do well to have a friend or loved one with you next time. Also select St. Regis Singapore as your base the next time to decide to go to Singapore.
  • Singapore and Malaysia both are safe mostly and you can go any time may be in the next year I go to the business meeting to the both countries..
  • Useful post..Singapore and Malaysia both places are most beautiful.Both places are safe and secure for unknown peoples like tourist and visitors.
  • Hi Friends
    I am want to  travel alone in Singapore , i have been told by many people that it is not safe to travel alone to Singapore & Malaysia.So anyone can tell me is it safe or not.

    I will appreciate your help.


  • Seems you have made your mind up since your last post. Singapore is very safe and you should have no problems. Malaysia is not so safe but still very nice. check out here
  • Thanks for  your advice
  • Both places are safe and secure......Enjoy your trip...
  • Emmawatson, Alethia is absolutely right, Singapore is probably one of the best countries in the world for a female travelling alone to explore and enjoy. In Malaysia you will have to be more careful. Do your research and think carefully about what you want to see and do - some regions of Malaysia are pretty safe and others are considered dangerous. For instance, the troubled eastern state of Sabah and the eastern islands are best avoided as the risk of kidnapping is considered high for foreigners.
  • Thanks Ella Johnson
    There is something more for u ...............
    This small island nation in southeast asia can seem almost too good to be true as a single woman: it is as safe as it is cosmopolitan. With glittering shopping malls and massive year-round sales, well-preserved cultural districts,  and a happening nightlife, there is enough to keep you on your toes.
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    Here r few things ,should we do before going on alone trip
    1. Plan in advance
    2. pack light
    3. try to arrive during the day
    4. mix with others
    5. meet the locals
    6. open up
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    Singapore is a great country.. It clean and beautiful..Last year i made my plan to visit the Singapore.... Because i have seen it only on Tv and i was also fedup with the same routine in my office, So Then i asked my boss for leave of 15 days for this vacation in Singapore and Made a plan to visit this country with my family.. I have applied for my visa from the singapore permanent resident visa and they are very nice agents, I got my visa only in 5 days... I just love the Singapore.....
  • I've traveled by myself in both of those countries and never had any problems. You should, of course, take the same precautions you would at home to keep yourself safe: keep an eye on your drink in bars, avoid isolated places, avoid one on on situations with people you don't know too well, etc. One thing that does occasionally happen is people on motor bikes snatching purses from unsuspecting tourist gals. It's best to keep your wallet and ID in a daypack, money belt, etc.
  • Singapore & Malaysia both are very beautiful tourism attractions for visiting . I just say that both countries are safe when you have to decide journey alone.
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