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Ciao !

We (My girl friend and i) are traveling to the desert of Morocco next april, we are interesting in a 3 days Morocco desert holiday depart from Marrakech to Erg chebbi desert ..camel trekking in Merzouga and night in desert..and back to Marrakech

We booked( Morocco Excursions Company for 3 days depart from Marrakech and end in Fes , but we don't have time to back to Marrakech from fes.

Is Fes better then Marrakech ?

We have short time, so we have to chose between " Marrakech - Merzouga desert" or Fes - Merzouga desert in 3 days "

What do you reccommend ?

Graize !


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    Fes is one of the 4 old imperial cities. Talking about prestige. And tradition. And Fes has got the biggest medina/souks (markets).

    But the medina of Marrakesh is already awesome and does not have to avoid a comparison with Fes at all.

    Talking about medinas. So e.g. the medina of Fes, your question. There are always 3 interesting things to see/to experience in the medinas.

    1. The quarter where the people colour the cloth.
    2. The medersas. Schools of the Koran. Pretty often packed with beautiful wooden arts work.
    3. The shops with spices. The colours and the smells of the spices. Pure magic.

    the deal is to do Marrakesh. And you can skip Fes later. Better head to Meknes instead of Fes if you should return to Morocco once later.

    Bismillah rahman rahim. Do you know what this is? It's the opening of the Koran.

    Have a good time in Morocco.
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    3 days trip from Marrakech to Erg Chebbi and back? Forget it, mi scusa, but it is not enough time for to explore all on the way and in the desert. You will sit only in the car, run here and there fast and then back to Marrakech without stop. That cannot be so much funny.
    Try to have more days for your trip and do it by your self for to enjoy more. Or give up and find some other interesting trip near Marrakech (or Fes if you decide to go there).
    How long you stay in Morocco?
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    We are planning the same tour end of April - 3 days / 2 nights from Marrakech to Fes ideally or Marrakech - Merzouga / Erg Chebbi and then by bus to Fes.
    Would you be interested to join together for at least the Marrakech - Merzouga part? :)

    all the best
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    Thank you for every for the fast reply, we are planing to start the trip on 15 april
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    Ahh ok, our trip start from 2 april ,we can't join you :( , anyway have a nice trip
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    Thanx , you too
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    Hello !

    How is the wather in Morocco during April ?
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    The wather in Morocco is amazing from october until april; getting hot in may
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    I and my sister are traveling to Morocco, we are from italy .
    Please if you you have some advice for girls traveling to Morocco

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    Morocco is 100% safe, don't worry
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    bga-44 - Try not to be charmed by the smooth talikng Moroccan guys. They will try, and in some instances succeed, in dating and marrying into European families for visa/residency in a European country.
    Try to have fun but do not go wild. Although alcohol is available in supermarketys and bars, clubs or hotels, you should be careful not to display any signs of intoxication as this will not be tolerated.
    As you have not stated where in Morocco you will be visiting we cannot give specific details of customs for that area.
    Dress code generally is cautionary, do not wear tight fitting tops, do not display cleavage (bust), do not wear tight fitting slacks/shorts.
    Clothing can be loose fitting for comfort but there is no need to cover legs, head or arms. Many young Moroccan girls dress as any other modern European girls so this should come as no surprise.
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    Hello every body !

    How many day needs to visit the msut popular and the best places in Morocco (Except the western sahara)
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    Ahhh those moroccan charmers..
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    Hello !

    Thank you for every thing,
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