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Mozambique - best time of year

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Please can someone help me. I'll be in Southern Africa later this year and I'm interested in seeing Mozambique as I've heard great things.
I want to know what is the best time of year to travel? what season is good?
Also, is it expensive? how much does a beer cost? what's the average cost of a meal? I'll be traveling on the Euro.

Also, i've heard you need a 4x4. Do I have to hire one or is it possible to drive through the country in a normal car?


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    The best time to visit Mozambique is during the spring, from about August to November, when the weather is at its most pleasant (comfortable temperatures and some short rain storms). Local beers include 2M (dosh-em), Laurentina and Manica, which cost about €0.80 each, and imported beer is just under €2. A light meal will generally cost between €2 and €5, while at a restaurant you can expect to pay up to about €20 for dinner. 4x4's are not needed for the most part but there are a couple of places, in flooded or very under-developed areas, where they are advisable.
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    Getting around Mozambique is pretty easy, even in a regular car. The road linking Maputo - the border in the south - to Vilanculos near the middle of the country is quite new and in good condition. Always drive slowly though, and never at night, as there can be pretty devastating potholes when you least expected. You only need a 4 x 4 if you are going off-road and in the north.
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    I´m also thinking about going to Mozambique for a few weeks in July/August.
    What´s about snorkeling at that time? Is the ocean calm in some spots? Which ones? Are there good opportunities to do it just from the beach? Another thing I´d like to do is a nice Safari? Is it true that in Mozambique there are hardly animals to see?
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    I'm also planning a trip to for 2 - 3 weeks somewhere between May and September. I'm hoping for May. Do you think this is a good time to go? I've heard winter is the drier season but it's still warm. Also, someone told me it's cheaper at this time of year than over the summer months because they put the prices up from November to Feb... is this true?

    Oh, and to clouse - I DONT think mozambique is the place for safari. But since you'll be so close, you should just hop across the border to South Africa and visit the Kruger Park. I've been twice and it's really amazing.
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    Hi jen524, thx for the input. Already checked flights to Johannesburg (from Germany), what´s a lot cheaper than flying directly to Maputo. Might be a good opportunity to just do the Kruger NP on the way to or back from Maputo then. There seem to be good conections from Johannesburgh to Maputo by bus (+/-10h) or train (+/- 15h). But visa on arrival at Mozambique border is not available, I think.
    What about calm water snorkeling spots with coral reef at Mozambique coast?
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    Snorkelling is good all year round. The water is always around 25 degrees C and the reefs are close to shore and in mostly good condition. You can go snorkelling with whale sharks at Tofu Bay - one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. The closest good reef to snorkel is probably Inhambane, 400 kms north of Maputo.

    Jen : prices are higher over the South African Xmas holidays.
    Clouse: Visas are same day service in Joburg, and you can also fly direct into Vilanculous if you want to skip Maputo entirely.
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    If you have a chance, change your Euro, Pounds for USD in your home country because you will get a better rate, otherwise bring your cash card.
    Euro and Pounds don't get a very good exchange rate as the are not widely used in the country except mosthly in Maputo. As far as safari's go, you could bive the Gorongosa park a call and book a safari there. They have been stocking up on animals and they have the most breathtaking views, waterfalls, etc.
    Happy trails. Need any help, shoot me an email at. [email protected]
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    Hi there, I'm hoping someone out there can help me out with some advice on traveling to South africa. I'm doing research now on South African bush and beach holidays. Although I've never been, what interests me most is a combination of a couple days in kruger park followed by an island getaway in Mozambique. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what time of year is best to do this and if anyone has a recommendation in regards to a travel agency online to book thru?
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    I will be attending a meeting in Maputo in august. Could anybody suggest me the most economical and time saving jaourney from Kuala Lumpur to Maputo and return. Thank you
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    The best time of year to travel to Mozambique varies slightly depending whether you are in the north or south. I have only been up to the Quirimbas Archipelago, almost on the Tanzanian border. The rainy season last a bit longer there and can run up to Christmas - I have been there twice at that time of year and both times there was quite a bit of rain until Christmas but from around the 27 Dec the weather was perfect every day. I think further south the rainy season ends earlier. Quite important to know!
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    The May to November winter season is when to go to Mozambique for cooler temperatures and the least chance of rain. I like this time period and I think that's the best time of year

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