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    Gosh I'm happy I stumbled upon this :) I'm going to India on Monday and will live there for 3 months. I will live in Kochi, southern India, and I will fortunately have accommodation covered. My question is - is southern India cheaper than northern India? And would £50 be enough for food and yoga? I plan to ride a bike so maybe an occasional bus ride. I have spent a lot of money recently so I'm freakibg out a bit ^_^

    Thanks and I hope to hear from anyone soon!

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    I can recommend going to Nepal for cheap long-term travelling - it is still significantly cheaper than India and the summer climate is less intense. Around 125NRs to a GBP and a long term en-suite guest house rental will set you back about £7 a day plus food at around £3 a day if you go local! It's an amazing Hindu-Buddhist mix of culture and unique in s. Asia. Visa on arrival is possible plus extensions up to 180 days.

    It is a more polite, and less frenetic atmosphere than northern India.

    I am married to a Nepali and recently spent 2 months there, mostly in Pokhara. Just get in touch with me if you need any Nepal advice
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    I'm a S African Indian living in New Zealand. Haven't been to India but a bit jaded with the rat race in the West. What did you make of India, Nomadic?

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    Hello everyone, can someone tell me if 400 dollars per month is an OK amount of money to live in new delhi? I need some advices, got an internship there and only have gotten bad comments about the city, can someone please help me? Thanks
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    Hi, I thought Delhi was ok.

    It's been a few years since I was there, but I spent around 3-4 months in Delhi.

    You can get really cheap long term accommodation either in private homes or guesthouses. Food is cheap. $400 would cover the basics, but not allow for luxuries or travel.

    Good luck.
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    Hello Friends
    I would like to help you . I am from India If your planning to come to India If you planning to come to India I would suggest South India compared to North India because . Climate is moderate through out the year i would Suggest Bangalore you can find a very good PG or Paying Guest from 3,000 Rs to 6,000Rs . Its Safe for ladies as well as foreigners . If you still cheaper good Accommodation you live the City Mangalore its one of the safest city with International Airport situated on West coast with 90% Educated population and can Communicate in English . PG will cost from 1500Rs to 4000Rs. 4000Rs single room with 3 times food ,TV , all Facilities . If anyone want know anything about any part of India I can help them
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    Hi, I am planning on going to Gujarat for 6 months to volunteer in a school. Food and accommodation will all be provided for me but I need to finance anything else myself.

    I have spoken to a few people who have said a budget for 6months could range from as low as £500 to as high as £6000. I'm not planning on doing much in the way of travelling, maybe withing a 100/200 mile radius of where I am based and as food and accommodation is all provided I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on what budget/money I should go with. I was thinking a budget of £150 per month so just ver 12,000INR but that seems like a lot.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)
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    What kind of food is that is provided? I'm curious to know about those meals. I haven't stayed in any PG here but in the hostels I stayed at abroad, those meals are usually really bland and not the kind of thing that fills you up so I wouldn't count on those. Is it different here? Tried looking up some news on food in pg accommodation ( but it doesn't really say much abt the facilities/what they give u. ANyone got an idea on this?
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    hello everyone
    Im going to go to India for a few months from Dec 2013 then maybe on to Thailand...Just found this site and glad i have...gonna have £600-£700 GBP a month and looks like that should be OK...thanks for all the info
    JIMBO x
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    I had an experience in India when I was helped by some guy from om sai vatika who helped me with a room for 5 days at $10 a day when the hotels and other such places were out of my pocket. I found them by doing a simple google search. Try them out when you are in India, New Delhi, if need a cheap place. Thank God who sent them.
  • you need to do research if you really want a cheap place. Hostels will cost you somewhere around that price only.
  • I was very new for india until one of my friend living abroad helped me to meet his common friend he was cool and very care taking ... he treated so well and showed me how to travel in safe and economical way. I was so trusting him that I couldn't go with out him on my tour and so I took him on my tour and made sure he be my guide though I didn't pay him for his presence with me or his knowledge or history the local language or his helping skill...

    But I made sure I take care of his travel food and accommodation. He was a highly educated and nice boy. He always called me sir but I made sure I make friends with him and so, I told him to call me Jim.... A wonderful person!! I thank my friend back home for making me meet this angel!! I think you guys also don't struggle so much for finding what's right in Indian culture I would rather say, you guy meet someone like My angel friend !!!...

    Your trip and worries will be taken care of then!!!.. I did recommend him to my few friends when he was free he agreed to help them .. He just does this for friendship.. A great Guy!!

    Have fun!!! And Safe trip need help let me know


  • Amount is good. Go for it & have a fun. get stress free holidays.
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    Cost of living in India is Depend on State to State.. mumbai is Expensice city in India... By the way in every state of India Expect Mumbai u Wear Normal Cost of Living which is in Budget.. So Don't Worry Just Chill Out....
    More information Context me on WhatsApp my Mobile Number is +918558888129.
  • yes you told right that the cost of living in India is depend on state by state. Few city are costly and few are cheaper. 
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