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Flying to Rome on Alitalia from US?

edited May 2009 in - Italy
We are flying to Rome from Newark on Alitalia business class in a few months. After booking, I have been hearing horror stories galore. Also, on all posts on various web sites the reviews have been less than optimal. This is a once in a lifetime trip for us, so I don't need cancellations, excessive delays, bad service, etc. If someone out there has traveled recently on Alitalia, please advise. I'm hoping all this negativity could be out dated........One more thing, I spoke with a Liberty Travel agent who told me it' their company policy that if a client wants to fly Alitalia, they must sign a waiver before they book the ticket--That's not good!!!

All travelers to Italy, please give me your thoughts and experiences......Thanks!


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    I travelled with Alitalia only 1 time. In my experience their service was superb.
    However, the company had a lot of problem in the past few months and passengers had to experience a lot of problems due to strikes. Probably this is the reason of the horror stories you read.
    Now, since February, the company was sold and they're operating again to a high standard levels
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