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Best Spanish island resort?

edited February 2013 in - Spain and Portugal
What is the best spanish island resort? Like in the Canary Islands. I look through travel guides and they kind of all look the same, so has anyone been to a really great resort? Or a terrible one? I'm not sure what to look for so advice would be appreciated. What's the best resort in the spanish islands?


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    I recommend Mallorca - it gets some unfair bad press but that is purely because it is so popular, the beaches around Palma are packed and a bit over-developed, but the island has lots of hidden gems and is easy to get to. We usually stay in the north, near Soller. If you want to party hard, Ibiza is of course the place to go but the north of the island is also very unspoilt. Menorca is quieter and apparently lovely, but I have not been there myself. I don't know much about the Canary Islands, other than they are a good option if you want to holiday in winter - they are much further south.
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    I know exactly what you mean when you say that all the resorts look the same in travel guides! However, you may find this link useful as it lists the main Spanish Resorts and briefly explains the pros and cons (what kind of people frequent it, whether there's a nightlife etc). I hope its a good starting point for you. Once you have some ideas of where might suit you, you can do further research.
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    It really depends... what kind of resort are you looking for? One that's good for kids, one with good nightlife, a resort near cultural attractions, one with good shopping, budget-friendly resorts...
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    All the resorts look same for you because you ook for the similar resorts to live.MAke a choice first,whether you have to look for a resort near sea, golf grounds or any islands.And don't go for names people tell go for the best one after analysing their services.
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    Last Christmas Me and my cousin was in Spain and spent 5 days there. Our full trip was organised by Flytime travel Inc and we stayed in a hotel named Botanico.
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