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    Nat - I'm not sure how much it will be..........it's not so far but it will depend on what time of night and the amount of luggage you have. Shouldn't be more than TNd20.000 but check the price with the taxi before you get in and make sure his meter is on.
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    Hello, I am due to fly to Hammamet on Tuesday, but am very worried about the disturbances with Libya. Do you think we will encounter any problems. I am going with my 15 year old daughter and her friend. Please advise.

    Thank you
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    Bernie - the only problem you are likely to encounter is severe sunburn!! It is very, very hot here right now so make sure you are prepared. We think that Eid (the last day of Ramadan) will be on tuesday and it's a lovely time for you to arrive. Everyone is out and about with their children visiting friends and family and giving and eating (too many) sweet things!! However, you might want to ensure that you have transport from the airport to the hotel as it will be busy at night.

    We have many thousands of Libyans here now in Tunisia escaping the revolution there but we don't have any problems with them and there are no incursions over our borders from the pro-Gaddafi forces. They certainly won't be in Hammamet - it's a tourist town!!

    Enjoy your time with us and we wish you a great vacation
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    hello there,
    i just wanted to comment really quick that your comments and answered questions have been so helpful.
    i was looking to visit a friend in Tunisia some where in January, February, or March. Is there a certain time that is better then others to come in those months? I also heard rummer that Tunisia has its own agency that helps with booking flights and incoming and leaving people that wont try to pull the hood over your eyes, is this true?
    and when you say modest, just to specify, would sleeveless be okay? are people really touchy about actual sleeves or is it more of a so long as nothing's showing sort of idea?
    also if there any thing you would advise someone to know who has never been remotely near Africa or Europe to know about Tunisia?
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    Ash - wow, I've only just seen this post. We have a special section on Tunisia which is why I've only just noticed this one, apologies. It is really cold in Jan and Feb but March is starting to get warmer so my suggestion is March. I've never heard of the agency you mention, is it a government agency? Many travel agents can help with booking flights but they can't do it from here. There are lots of scams around, not just here but you should be careful and book with a local, reputable company that you trust or have been referred to.

    I'm not sure if you are a male or female but if you are female I would advise against sleeveless and besides which if you are coming in the first few months of the year, it is definitely too, too cold for that anyhow. You will find Tunisia relatively liberal in the capital of Tunis and in the tourist areas along the coast, however, in the smaller towns and villages they are traditional and conservative and it is better to cover with loose clothing. You will feel much more comfortable and so will the locals.

    My advice is to try to do some research about the country you are visiting, the religion, the customs etc and also to try to learn a few words of the language. These things will help you to understand the culture and will earn you respect which in turn will give you an advantage by being welcomed into the community giving you an experience that normal 'tourists' will not have.
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    hi everybody, iam going on holiday to Tunisia this year on July 2012 and right now i found out that 20th of July it will start Ramadan. I know everything about food, drinks, open restaurants, clothes but i would like to ask about having fun (disco, clubs...) how it is going with this? pls can u somebody write me about it? and what about shopping clothes....many thanx for ur comments
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    I am going to Sousse in August and I am speaking with a gentlemen from there and he is interested in staying at the hotel with me in the same room is it wise? I will aslo be going during ramadan
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    Hi guys!

    I'm off to Port el kantue (spelling?) at the end of July....I know its Ramadan then...is this going to affect any aspect of our trip?

    Also I have a small child... He needs his milk before bed time...is the milk at the hotel safe to drink and use on cereals etc?

    Bearing in mind we will have 2 young children with us are ther any trips that we could do with them or is it safer just to stay in the hotel with them? If we do go out... I know I would have to be wearing respectable clothes but are things like vest and shorts on my children going to attract unwelcome attention?

    I would be grateful for any advice!
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    I am about to book a holiday to hammamet in July. I've just realised that I will be travelling during Ramadan. I am going self catering so I don't see eating as being a big problem. My only concern is will there be things to do during the day? For example shopping and sight seeing?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Many thanks in advance
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    Mojo - DO NOT ALLOW A STRANGE ANYONE TO STAY IN YOUR ROOM WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN 'TOGETHER' ON THE INTERNET FOR A LONG TIME!!! Secondly just so you know - this guy is not a good person because Ramadan is the most important time and sex as well as food and drink is not allowed between sunrise and sunset. Also it is illegal for a Tunisian citizen to stay in the same room as a foreigner unless he/she is married to that foreigner.
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    Tina - everything is open after sunset when we can eat and drink. I am not sure if the discos operate but of course they will in the tourist hotels so don't worry.
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    Shreena - everything will be operating as normal during Ramadan in all the resort areas so don't worry you can sight see and shop until you drop the only thing I ask is that you do not eat and drink in the street and if you smoke perhaps you could do it where no one can see you. Also please have patience with us during this time, it is very hard for us not to eat, smoke and especially smoke during this period and we can all get a little 'tetchy' so patience and understanding is great
  • Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for all the info you are providing on these Tunisia threads. I hope to travel to Sousse this summer holiday with husband, son (9) daughter (16 months) and mum (70!). My query is a little unusual in that it is my intention to travel to Tunisia in order to fast! Are there any hotels that would cater for Ramadan and provide pre-dawn meals and Iftars yet be fun for the kids? Am I being too ambitious? I enjoy experiencing Ramadan in different countries and thought Tunisia near the Grand Mosque would be good.

    Many thanks

  • Alia I suggest you go self catering. Or if you do stay in a hotel buy food for Zuhoor the pre dawn breakfast.

    Do you not think that Tunisian hotel staff have a hard time working in Ramadan and that maybe they would want to pray and eat the pre dawn meal with their own family before a long days work.?

    On a final note travellers are not required to observe Ramadan

  • We have a tendency to were there last year and the only thing that we have a tendency to noticed was a number of the bars closed for about 20 minutes at sun set to permit the workers time to eat.
  • Alethia, 

    Yes I could go self catering but going to a country for the first time one tends to feel it is easier to stay at a hotel. I find it unusual that in Tunisia they would not cater for Muslim travellers - after all most hotels are staffed 24 hours a day and workers have to stop for Iftar too. In Cairo and elsewhere we used to eat what the hotel staff were eating and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

    I know that I would not be required to observe fasts but it is a special time and I would want to be a part of it.
  • A77c ,
    The difference between Cairo and Tunisia is that the majority of hotels in the Tunisian seaside resorts eg Sousse, Hammamet,Monastir Skanes cater for non muslim European package holidaymakers.who are seeking a week or fortnights holiday and have no interest in Ramadan. The summer season is when the hotel workers make the majority of their income and are reliant on tips

    Cairo hotels cater for people from all over the world all year round ,who are passing through for a few days.

    Tunisia is also nominally Muslim whereas Egypt is completely Muslim.

    I hope you find what you are looking for.

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