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I am so angry! every American must see it!

edited February 2013 in - Thailand
This morning i was go to Amari hotel buffet to have my breakfast.
when i eat my breakfast, i heard the server said the excutive shef dont wanna offer more food too us, because the buffet is free for us, and when i ask some food from the shef, he just said no more. But when i ask for a server, he was so kind, and bring what i need very fast. we go to amari hotel just for fun, why the shef push us? i need the apologize letter from the shef, as i know, the shef is a British.

The most angry thing is that he said "f-u-c-kin American!" i am old, but i am not deaf!

How can u employee such rude guy be a excutive shef? please sent me the apologize letter as fast as u can!


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    by the way , i need to tell everyone, this is phuket amari hotel, just located in Patong beach
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    servers are very kind, they are very good, but not the shef!
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    Your post begs questions to be asked. Did the buffet run out of food and the chef refused to restock it OR did you ask the chef to cook something else for you and he refused?

    But ultimately if you want the hotel to apologize you need to email or write them a letter. Ranting here in the forum will most likely get you nothing from the hotel. And you might want to use a more rational tone, not a harsh one. People are more amenable when being spoken to politely, just as you expect them to do to you.
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    i am not angry about the food, i just angry that the shef said :fuckin American!
    i didnt talk more than 2 mins with him, but i heard he said fuckin American, why he push us? his work attitude is terrible! i smile everytime, but he looks like a robber!
    we pay money to join holiday!
    i just wanna people know that thing, if everyone hide experience, they will never change their attitude!
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