How safe is Cape Town



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    DavidF is right... you'll be absolutely fine. The most important thing to remember to stay safe in Cape Town townships is to never go anywhere alone at night, and to dress conservatively (skirt below the knees). If you're working with a reputable organisation, you have nothing to worry about.
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    Hello there friends. I just wish to know some general things about Stellenbosch (near Cape Town). I was admitted for a postdoctoral research project there and besides all the things that I read above I want to know if it will be a good safe place for me. I am an European, and with long hair and I wonder if the people from there are open and ok..I read only good things about hospitality and so I need to know something else? Thank you so much.
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    hi my name is Ursula , we would like to buy a house in the strand cape town ,I fell inlove with the house at first site.We look at the nieghhood and found out that there is alot of house breaking ,there is a town ship just across the railroad . just behind us , desprite all what I have heard my heart till stay at that home , I just say to my self I will put higher walls ,I am very alert and know to be aware at all times, but what happens when we buy the house and the value of houses drop, what do we do than (PLEASE I NEED ADVISE)
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    Stellenbosch is a lovely place. The university there means the residents are relaxed and fairly open-minded, and you'll find some of the best restaurants in South Africa there. It's set in the middle of the stunning Cape Winelands, and within an hour's drive of Cape Town.

    Check out the Word Travels guide to the Cape Winelands for more info.
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    Is this a safe place for a female to travel alone?
    Which are the areas I can explore and the areas I absolutely should not?
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    Seriously... I live in JHB and i know what crime is. I have personally however not had really bad encounters. No matter where you are, just be careful with your actions. CT is where I plan to move pretty soon, and I have an idea I won't return easily. Townships alone for a girl... Bad idea. The sentence even frightens me. We all know how violent the people in such areas are. And its not something you can brainwash others with to believe to be safe. Absolute nonsence. Make sure you are with a secure group, and never by yourself.
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    Hi. I'm originally from SA and have been away 8 years... a position has become available in CT with my company and I have accepted as it is a great career opportunity...but I am getting really nervous about the move after reading about the local politics and crime. I've been in the UK, for 7 years living in London, and always feel safe here. I have been back regularly on holiday to the Eastern Cape (once or twice a year) but just for a few weeks at a time and am becoming concerned that I am taking a huge personal risk going back to SA. My friends there love it and think it's great that I'm going... so, what can I do once there to feel safe? Is the City Bowl safe and are there places to go/people to talk to if I panic?
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    @Jules - it all depends what you read. I check out the every day and have the impression Britain is going down the tubes. Seems much more violent and depressing that CPt. See this excellent guide to Moving to Cape Town for more information you will find helpful..
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    My boyfriend was working in Cape Town, staying a very nice hotel. He was drugged, abducted, beaten and robbed. This is a man who has travelled solo all over the world. I'm talking first hand experience her. MY boyfriend. This is not sensationalistic media hype. Drugged, abducted, beaten and robbed.
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    Hi. I'm looking for some place new to live in, I currently reside in Buenos Aires, Argentina, pero and Cape Town is on the top of my list. I'm used to "dangerous" places so I'm more concerned with jobs, is it true that now, by law, they must hire a black Africans before a white or forgainer? I want to live there for 2 years and I'm studying gastronomy and got a lot of experience in bars, restaurants and kitchens... But how hard will it be to get a job there as a cook? I will most probably won't be having a visa will it be super hard? Around how much money can earn? (a rough estimate)

    David Foster I would like to chat with you personally. I go tons of questions and would be great to talk with someone who lives there.
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    I would also like to known if me having tattoos (full sleeve) will cause me any troubles.
    Thanks and hope everyone is doing great whether you decided to move to Cape Town (or any other place), or not.
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    Hi Miguel,
    No, having tattoos will not be a problem in Cape Town. They are very common. It is generally a liberal and artistic city so things like dress code and body art are a non-issue.
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    Cape Town is in fact a quite safe city by Southern Africa requirements. The center of town is well covered as are most of the main destinations.
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    I lived in Cape Town and moved back to UK last year. It is the worst decision I have ever made. I am now saving up to go back ASAP. I lived on a small holding and never once locked my door. I did have a lot of dogs roaming the land but NEVER had any trouble. I obviously heard of trouble but I recently heard of a woman being murdered in my local 'safe' town.

    I used the taxis there on my own to go to Grassy park and got lost, the taxi driver took me to my destination and for the time I worked there, I had no trouble. It all depends on your attitude and how flashy you are.

    My husband is from Cape Town and his house has been robbed but my friend in Wales and my Gran has been robbed in the UK so it happens all over the world. You must remember that you will hear of it more in CT because the population is huge and poverty is real out there.

    It is a wonderful city and the people are amazing!! Can't wait to return!
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    I am a female medical doctor,, and I'm thinking of moving to Cape Town to do my specialist training at the university of Cape Town. But I'm getting really scared after reading about all the crime especially the rape issues. Is the university in a safe area?? what advice wud u give to a female moving alone to Cape Town??
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    Hi Doc,

    UCT is a great place to do medical training! I personally live not too far from the university, and it's a fun area. I would suggest you look into a houseshare in the University/Walmer Estate area, or in Woodstock. There is plenty of accommodation available on sites like Safety is something that needs to be considered in Cape Town, just as in any big city. I would recommend not walking around alone at night, and don't leave any valuables visible in your car. You'll be pleasantly surprised though, how easy it is to make friends and have a truly unforgettable experience!

    For some of my personal favourite Cape Town experiences, check out this interview.
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    Thank you very much Anya.
    If there's anything else you think I should know, any other advice etc, please let me know.
    Thanks again.
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    Capetown is very safe city of South really enjoy the trip of Capetown.
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    Hi Doc,
    I'm a Cape Town local and used to live just under UCT campus. It is a wonderful university and CT is just the most beautiful city. Crime is a problem but if you do your research and exercise caution you should be absolutely fine. In most cities in the world a woman should ensure that she doesn't do things like walk alone at night etc. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay!
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    hello people, i am a 22 year indian mba grad and have had a job oppurtunity in south africa for an insurance company.
    i do not know which city will the job be based and am worried about my security out there.
    i wanted to know that how much does it cost to rent a 1bhk or studio apartment in a safe it to expensive to afford a living?
    and what is the probability of an indian being a victim of crime in sa?
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    Hi yawar,

    It's very hard to say what your costs will be, as they vary greatly by city. The cost of living is much higher, for example, in Johannesburg than in Durban, but the salary will also be much higher. For some detailed information on safety and cost of living, I suggest you look through this Moving to South Africa guide. You will be able to make a more informed decision once you know exactly where you'll be located, however.
  • Cape Town is one of the best city in world. Please forget about having a safe life there. You always have to watch up around and take care even while staying behind of traffic light after midnight! Cp is very nice city but it's not safe as its looks. I got hijack midday! In front of my office with two African armed man in parow. Police is not acting professionally and they are very busy as per then by having more than 10 hijacked report daily( you can once go to police station and ask them how is the rate of crime, rape and hijack in their station!). I just left the country with my wife and will not back there for work anymore... Please take care if you travel there and at begging talk with a police near to your place....
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    Dear friends,
    Please take a look on the website

    If you will stick to the advises there, most likely nothing happens:

    And it is one of the most beautiful places in the world in which most of the people never experience any crime situations.

    Visit Cape Town!
  • I moved to Cape Town a few years ago with my husband who is from here and I love it!  I also made the mistake of reading through these types of forums where people only seem to tell you all of the bad stuff and it scares you.  Do your research about the history and politics of South Africa and you will. have a better understanding of how things are.  Yes, there are problems like anywhere in the world.  You do need to be aware and take sensible precautions but don't live your life in fear!  Cape Town is an amazing city with many layers and amazing people and cultures.  Africa is there to be explored and you can have many amazing and life-enriching experiences.  When I lived in the UK I had my house burgled and my car broken into on several occasions and a friend of mine has been held at gunpoint twice (in the UK), so no where is perfect!  If you have an opportunity, I say go for it!
  • Hear hear! Cape Town is an amazing city and I'd encourage anyone to live there:-)
  • oops.. sorry about that.. dunno what happened :) let me try again...
    i agree, CT is the best city in the world!! if any expats out their are stuck with frozen pensions in the UK, pls contact me. i specialize in moving them off shore for you. tx

  • Due to crime ratio, everyone who is going to Cape Town, have a scurity threat. But just keep one thing in mind whereever you are going always be careful, lock your doors while driving, use alarms at night and dont take expensive things with you while you are travelling.
  • Spent 5 weeks staying in a less than salubrious area of Cape Town in 2012. I was shocked one day to find a deep pool of blood outside the local train station. Clearly, someone had died. I'd been back in London about a month before seeing the same again, outside a train station in a very pleasant London suburb. I loved Cape Town & I hope to return.

    I have travelled Africa extensively, mostly back-packing & hitching. I grew up in Zimbabwe & seen near enough the whole country from corner to corner. I've seen some of northern Botswana, most of northern Namibia & Caprivi, a little of Mozambique & a little of Malawi. I was robbed at knife point just outside a campsite in Vindhoek in 1990, about three years after I was robbed at knife point in Tottenham, north London.

    In Harare some dude once tried but failed to pick my pocket in the mid 80's. in the UK my last landlord successfully ripped me off to the tune of £1000.

    I would not wish to belittle those who have actually suffered some awful violent crime in Africa or anywhere else. But my conclusion is quite simply that African travel is about as safe as London & there are crooks everywhere.
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