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Mexico Swine Flu Travel News

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What is the current travel situation in Mexico? Is it still dangerous to go there or is it under control? What if i already got a ticket?


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    The Mexican government believes the worst of the swine flu outbreak has past as officials and the fledging tourism industry cautiously plan to reopen closed tourism sites and restaurants on Wednesday.

    Conflicting advice from governments and agencies have left would-be-tourists unsure if it is safe to travel to Mexico. The US Center of Disease Control had advised cancelling all but essential travel to Mexico although the World Health Organisation is advising against any travel restrictions. Airlines are still running between Mexico and most countries.

    A recent tally of the infection in Mexico was risen to 701 infected patients and 26 deaths although there is an encouraging drop in the number of new cases.

    So far, traveller's have mostly decided to postpone their vacations resulting in nearly empty hotels and deserted tourist attractions. On everyone's mind is 'When is it safe to reschedule trips to Mexico?'

    According to Mexico's health minister, restaurants and tourist sites will open Wednesday although entertainment businesses such as bars and clubs in Mexico City will remain closed. Many hotels and airlines have offered temporary no-charge rescheduling options or a choice of other destinations.

    Editors choice: I would hold my trip to Mexico, especially Mexico City, for at least several days until the place is up and running again. What's Mexico without a bar? Extra time also buys peace of mind...which is what a Mexican holiday should be all about.
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    I would like to know what is the current situation in Cancun, ie., bars, restaurants, visiting ruins? I will be traveling to Cancun within 1 week and need to know if I should cancel my reservations.
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    Latest reports are that all archaeological sites around Cancun have been closed, with eco-parks to follow. Bars remain open. Business and schools are re-opening and there is a general feeling that the main crisis has passed for now.

    Your main risk in travelling to Mexico is not contracting swine flu, but of being very inconvenienced by the closures and general hysteria.

    For many travellers the key is whether they are entitled to refunds or insurance payouts if they cancel their trip. If you can, rescheduling the trip is the best option, but not at the expense of losing your booking entirely.

    My call is GO! Cancun is better than ever without the billions of tourists that are normally there.

    See this great blog for more, uptodate, info:
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    Mexico returned to work and schools Wednesday. The flu death toll rose but mostly from testing already deceased patients for the flu. There is some criticism that the return is premature although the government is taking extra precautions to screen sick individuals.
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    I am going to cancun on 1st june, do u think its safe and will all trips,bars, clubs ect be up and running.
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    Is the Swine flu completely gone from Mexico. Is it now safe to visit. Are the bars and restaurants open?
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