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Accommodation in Singapore and what to see

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i will be staying in singapore from 5th dec 08 till 7/8 night have a flight @ 0200 hrs on 8th- what are the options of staying/hotels/things to be done /seen during my stay


  • Hi rrorthop - have you checked out the Word Travels guide to Singapore? It's got pretty detailed information on the place with lots of tips on how to spend a day there. See

    Let me know if you any more questions!
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    there are lot of cheap hotels located in redlight area-do you think i with my wife can stay there??
  • My experience of 3 trips to Singapore is that when you pay cheap, you get cheap!! You need to spend above $50 to get anything halfway decent. And I would totally not recommend you stay in the red light district: it is pretty seedy, noisy and unclean - think of what those beds have been used for!! Avoid the Fragrance Hotel Crystal - not nice!
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    50 us dollars or singapore dollars?? can you suggest an area which is clean well connected by public tpt system forms
    the main area & not very expensive to stay-fragrance has a chain-ruby/emerald etc but all are in geyland(redlight area)-my main purpose of staying there is to do some shopping & have a goodtime too-i want a hotel in the range of 100singapore dollars- thanks a lot
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    Try the 81 chain, they are all over the city and are quite reasonable priced.

    For a complete listing of hotels, which you can organise by location, price etc, see:

    Good luck and enjoy your stay!
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    i am currently in singapore doing business
    i would recommend u to go near mustafa shopping complex is the best place to do shopping
    near mustafa u can try HOTEL PENTA i think its about 80sgd

    anything drop me a mail
    [email protected]
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    Hi,,,,, we are the Asia Funs Club of Madona and we would like to watch her concert in Brazil on december. Any one there or travel agent can arrange the entry ticket and hotel in Brazil ?We will be the group tour for more than 10-20 people. Please advise to my email; [email protected]

    Best regards

    Made from Bali
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    I am travelling to Singapore with 9 collegues (they are all straight) but I would like to know where the best place is to go and pick up boys.

    Marco from HK
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    Hi Marco,
    I would love to hook up with you as I am Singapore at the same time as you.
    Maybe we can explore the Clubs together.
    I am always up for a little slap and tickle.
    Give me a bell 0421607076.

    Luv Trigger
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    Be aware that homosexuality is illegal in Singapore, as in many other Asian countries.

    Section 377A of the Penal Code (Singapore) records the penalty for “gross indecency” between men which includes consensual, private, adult homosexual acts. The penalty is imprisonment for up to 2 years.

    The penalty for such acts with "boys" as HK Marco refers - i.e. minors under 18 - is the death penalty.
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    but there are so many homosexual sauna in singapore such as 7-11 n many more n these r nice place to visit but be aware
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    i intend to visit Singapore with my wife in mid july 2009. what places, which hotels will u recommend. i am not looking for the cheapest one. but it should not be of that standard, means between the Standard and cheapest.


    Manzoor Ahmad
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    hey, me and my girl friend would love to travel to singapore in Dec 2009. Are there nice places you can recommend for lovebirds to visit? We are not rich and would like to stay in a fairly affordable but safe place (may be USD 30 per nite) Doesnt matter if its outta the city.

    Any info?

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    Can check out to see if theres an accomodation to fit your budget. Some of the rooms and furnishings are new.
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    Any reco on Challet or Appartment for 7~8 days in Singapore for month of Sept / Oct??
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    Hello, i hold masters Degree in Computer Science and IT, i want to migrate and work in singapore, is it possible for me, what are the requirements...?

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    CK - visit our Singapore expat guide and post your questions there:
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    We are going for a family trip to SG in June and would like to get recommendations of budget houses, chalets, villas for rent from June 7 to 10. We are 10 adults and 3 kids. Please email recommendations and rates to [email protected]
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    I have plan a trip to visit Singapore by the end of March 2010 for a month holiday, so am searching out for a good and cheaper guest house in the city i don't mind if its even a bit out of the city. Thanks...

    [email protected]
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