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Safety in Kenya

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Is Kenya currently a safe tourist destination? Are there areas that should be avoided or any serious threats to travellers? I've heard quite mixed reports and would be grateful for any feedback.


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    I am responding from Kenya, and have a stake in the tourism industry, so I may be a bit biased. But Kenya is still very safe for tourists. We have had clients (tourists) traveling to various destinations without any problem at all.

    However, I understand the concerns people have, considering the post-election violence of 2007/08. We are holding the elections on Monday (4th March), and the country is peaceful. Of course there is the normal anxiety associated with elections, but no violence or anything nearly comparable to the 2007/08 situation.

    We have made great strides since 2007/08 - new constituion, reformed and credible judiciary, police reforms, etc. All the presidential candidates have sworn in public to uphold peace during and after the election, and have told their supporters to do the same. They've vowed to take any disputes to court because the judiciary can now be trusted to deliver justice. It doesn't look likely that we will have a repeat of the post-poll chaos. Add that to the ongoing cases at ICC, no one would want to risk going the 2007/08 path again.
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    Dear Wren, I am from Kenya and live in Nairobi. He country is safe and we have tourists enjoying themselves in various areas in the country. The country goes to election tomorrow but all is well and no any incidents to cause alarm. We anticipate calm and peaceful election.
    I am in the tourism industry and l have guests visiting this month on the second week of march.
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    Hi Wren, Kenya is a safe destination. The elections were held a week ago, official results were announced on Saturday, and there is peace and calm. As TropicalValley said, following what happened in 2007/2008, the police and other organizations have been on high alert to ensure that no one causes violence or any other forms of disrupptions.
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    Kenya is safe in the tourist areas, I have been going annually for 14 years. The state corruption never changes no matter who is President, tourists are ripped of from the minute they step off the plane, the visa is $US60 to get in and $US40 to get out and it goes straight into somebodys back pocket - Yes Mr Kabaki, Yes Mr Moi, Yes Mr Kenyatta.
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