Where to go in Turkey - suggestions please



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    im going alanya on sunday the 11th can anyone tell me what its llike there, where the best places are and what to stay away from. thanks.
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    I need help I want to go to Turkey this June and not sure where to stay i'm thinking Bodrum but not sure its going to be too busy. If i said Costa del Sol is my worst nightmare should i go to Bodrum????

    I like nice beaches loads of restuarants and bars but don't like the mass Brits abroad, fish n chips/keebab stuff. - am i barking up the wrong street?

    Please help!!
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    I wouldn't go to Kusadasi.
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    When you think of Turkey the first places to come to mind are certainly in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

    However there are very nice places in the Northern part of Turkey as well. Among those are SAROS BAY and ?GNEADA for example. Saros is again on the Aegean (far up north though) and ??NEADA is on the Black Sea, very close to Edirne.

    ?GNEADA is a very relaxing small town (a village rather) with only a few population. It has miles and miles long of clean sandy beach and a beautiful sea. If you want a relaxing holiday ?GNEADA is one of the best places to go for people seeking peace.

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    We are a couple in our late 20's. Looking for a place to go in Turkey that has nice beaches, bars to go at night ( that are open fairly late ) with good restaurants and would be great if there are sights to see in the daytime and maybe markets???
    Not sure if were asking too much, but there must be some places? If you have stayed somewhere possibly 5* All inclusive that you would recommend please post it on here?
    thanks Pete & Jen
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    Hi Just wodering if anyone cn give us some advice. We are a family of four, my husband and I hav two boys aged 10 and 6. We have never been to Turkey but have decided to spend our summer holiday there this year. Problem is we have no idea which area and resort of Turkey would suit our needs!!

    So does anyone have any recommendations for us?

    Many thanks
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    I would say in my personal opinon two of the best places to go to are Gumusluk and Kadikalesi on the Bodrum peninsular. These two bays are beutiful and offer nice beaches and a real taste of Turkey. Both of these bays have excellent restaurants and nice bars. Also they are within easy reach of Turgutreis which has more lively bars. You can also get into Bodrum using the local Dolmus service which runs through most of the night.

    It really depends on what your taste is in a holiday. If you want lively brits abroad, then Gumbet is the place for you.

    Bitez has a nice beach although is very crowded now due to its close proximity to Bodrum town. However Bitez like Kadikalesi is a great place for watersports.

    Akyarlar, is very popular with Turks and has lovely beaches. Very good for windsurfing and kitesurfing. However the Dolmus service is a little bit annoying unless you stay in the centre of Akyarlar.

    There are tons of other bays on the peninsular. If you want to know about them, I can give you my honest advice :)
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    You may get better feedback or more varied feedback posting this on the Turkey forum!!!
    Turkey has a variety of resorts to suit virtually every holiday makers wants/needs. For example the Bodrum Peninsuala has every type of resort imaginable (except maybe miles and miles of sanby beach) from party yet family friendly Gumbet to the far more laid back Gumusluk (one of my favourites, especially as I lived there for a while). There is Bodrum itself while not having a beach is a hive of activity with the Castle as its focal point. You can spend hours wandering and discovering interesting little places or just sit and watch the world go by with an ice cold drink. Turgutreis is a beautiful town on the end of the peninsula which has some night life but not at all in your face and is wonderfully flat! The sunsets here are spectacular looking across the sea to Kos. There's very upmarket Turkbuku where the rich Turkish jetset choose to holiday so not cheap but.......
    Cad I would recommend turgutreis for you and the La Blanche all inclusive hotel. Turgutreis has a superb market on Saturdays. You can get day trips to Ephesus the amazing Greco Roman town - it's a long day but so worthwhile. Dolmus' run from Turgutreis to a lot of places that make a great day out. Gumusluk being one of them and its easy to get to Bodrum by dolmus as well.
    Chelley if you are also looking for AI the WOW (World of Wonders) hotel in Gumbet has super reviews and is close enough to Gumbet to walk into town. The dolmus to Bodrum stops at the hotel gates if you want to explore.
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    Bodrum or Marmaris would be the best options may be.A lot bars around hotels.
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    u have recommended bordrum ,how is it accessible from antalya?
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    You can fly to Antalya from major UK airports.(Thomas Cook,Monarch,Easy Jet).It is easy to get to Bodrum from Antalya by bus.Bodrum takes 7-8 hours from Antalya on a comfortable air-conditioned bus.Ticket is about 50 TL (23 Euro).
    Antalya has got lovely night life such as beach bars,night clubs,latin bars and of course ALLY DISCO is the best one.
    If you have 1 week in Turkey, you can fly to Antalya for a few days then go to Bodrum by bus.Also check some flights to Bodrum from Antalya as flight companies start to fly Bodrum in summer. You can then fly from Bodrum to UK with direct flights.Bodrum is mostly a region which is popular for UK citizens.(Turkish St.Tropez).I can also help you to arrange a gulet cruise 3-4 days in Bodrum. Bodrum is famous place for gulet cruises.(from 3 days to 1 week).You can go to Bodrum from Antalya by bus.You need to decide where to stay in Bodrum as well.I suggest G
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    There are also a lot of super resorts in Antalya that are more accessible than Bodrum from Antalya airport.

    What are you looking for in a holiday? Do you want All Inclusive and beaches then check out the Lara beach area for example.

    Bodrum is a great area but if you are not flying to Bodrum it can mean a long journey which you may not want as part of your holiday.

    Sunexpress (www.sunexpress.com) fly between Bodrum and Antalya. June flights are around 60 lira each way.
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    If you are looking for a 5 star hotel with sandy beach, there are many choices for you here in Antalya.
    If you stay in one of the hotels in LARA BEACH, you have to go to Antalya at nights for clubs and night life.All hotels in LARA BEACH has got indoor or outdoor bars and discos.You can easily stay in 2 place and resort in 1 week.Bodrum and Antalya are 2 famous place for a beach holiday and night life.Bodrum is much smaller than Antalya and famous in UK.Central Bodrum has got HAL?KARNOS D?SCO (Biggest disco in Bodrum peninsula).
    Direct flights to Bodrum and Antalya form UK available.There are direct flights between Bodrum and Antalya as well.But if you like to stay in one place and looking for a good night life, you have choose Antalya or Bodrum.
    Tour Guide is a local expert in Antalya.He lives and works in Antalya.
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    Hi people, me and my girlfriend want to go to turkey this summer but not too sure where to go, we like lovely scenery nice places to eat and above all somewhere that isn't completely packed with people. We were thinking either Antalya or hisaronu? Would really appreciate some feedback from people that have been, but also we would go somewhere else if it fitted the bill any better! Thank you
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    Hi sean

    Have a look at the Antalya area - Cirali in particular. One of the most peaceful places ? have been to. No big hotels just small privately run pensions etc. Situated about 80km from Antalya. ?t is where the Caretta Caretta Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs so the area is very protected. Along the bay is Olympos - ruins, laid back atmosphere and a few bars etc. i actually went to Cirali yesterday afternoon and as soon as ? started to travel down to the village ? felt the stresses melt away!
    http://www.cirali.org/en/ is a local website about the area.

    i can recommend Chocolate Lodge - a lovely pension about 50m from the beach with beautiful gardens and good accommodation. http://www.chocolatelodge.com/index.html
    Unfortunately the English language section of the website is still being developed but 'ileti?im' is contact and there are English speaking owners and staff to answer your enquiries or send an email.

    You can hire a car there if you want to explore the nearby resorts of Tekirova - still peaceful but with bigger all inclusive hotels, Phaselis, Ulumpinar, Goynuk and the larger resort of Kemer. At Goynuk is a beautiful canyon - again so peaceful and beautiful. ? escape there often.

    Antalya itself is very much a working city but with a seaside feel. The Old Town (Kaleici) offers lots of streets with small hotels, restaurants, shops etc - lots in the old Ottoman style buildings.

    As an area Antalya has a host of choice - worth doing a little research on the area as a whole as it's not only a city but a province.
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    Wow thanks very much that's a great help I didn't realise the place was so big! Our ideal place would be somewhere maybe less than 10km outside the city so we can enjoy both nice scenery and not have too far to go to the city, it looks like a beautiful place so I'd like to see the more 'untouched' part of it as much as possible. Appreciate your help thank you
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    That's the beauty of Cirali - Not over developed but not too far from civilisation.

    Another option could be to stay in Antalya Old Town (Kaleici) either at the start or the end of your holiday or both and relax at Cirali for the rest of the time. You really could quite easily build your ideal break incorporating the best of both worlds!! There is a good selection of accommodation in Kaleici.

    The bus runs from Antalya otogar to Cirali very regularly to transfer between the 2 places and takes around 45 minutes along the main road with some beautiful scenery.
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    HI am I the first to enter notes in 2013! I too go to Turkey year in year out and last year went to Istanbul for 4 nights followed by 11 nights in Izmir having taken a flight for about £35. I had a fantastic holiday and Izmir was a good base for travel from Basmani Train Station: Selchuk, Foca, loads of places to go and see.
    It is so easy to travel around Turkey utilising various modes of transport: Dolmus x 2 types - taxi & people carrier, Trams in Istanbul.
    Not forgetting that you can travel from the UK to Turkey by train.
    I am really struggling to know where to go this year? I am in my late 40's so do not want night clubs, I like the type of nightly entertainment as gotten in Icemeler. I certainly do not want to go anywhere roudy, I was thinking of Gumbet but have now been put off because I think it may be too noisy into the early hours? I am thinking maybe Antalya as a base?
    Can anyone help at all especially the real Experts.
    I do like a nice beach without the sardine effect, Culture, Shops, Spa's, horse riding, boat trips, restaurants and can do internal flights.
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    Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa and Gloria Golf Resort are also best.You can enjoy there too My Friend went there and after knowing about these two places in Turkey's Antalya Belek.Hope you will like it too.
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    Sally Gumbet really is a party place and the music is thumping away until morning! Turgutreis on the Bodrum peninsula is a quieter but still alive place with a variety of accommodation to choose from.

    Also take a look at the Antalya region - there is so much choice from the main resort areas of Lara to Cirali/Olympos which are still very unspoilt as they are nature reserves.
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    If you want to see a place were time has stood still in Turkey and experience what Turkey used to be like about 15 to 20 yrs ago before the influx of all-inclusive and package holidays of the last decade, then Cirali is the place for this..

    Cirali is a great little village, nice clean beach and a mix of sand and pebbles, ruins of Olympos and the flames of "Chimaera" the world''s oldest and best-known natural "eternal flame".

    No mass tourism or 5 star hotels. Just nice family own hotels and pansiyons. Small shops, quiet bars, restaurants, and no discos. It is more of a place for nature lovers and chilling out. It can be too quiet for some if you are looking for more in the way of and actiive nightlife..
  • Hello everybody. I live in Turkey and i was always going to Olympos and i have stop to go there . It was getting more populer and starting to lose its face. . But if you go there out of season like March, April, May, June, September and October. It is really nice.

    I have started to go there again after years when i found a beautuful place to stay. Name is ''Köyevi Countryhouse'' . It is little far from the beach but it is also nice to be away from the other pensions which are located next to the eachother. You don't have to listen the other pensions's noises. And Köyevi is really inside of the nature. Perfect foods, realy relaxing chill atmosphere and friendly family owners craeted there really cute. This is their webside: http://www.koyevi.com/en/

    And around september and october there is rock climbing festivals. There is rotes for climbers. Beach is the same beach with Çıralı and it is a paradise. I would like to remind it again , don't go there in the season.

    Rent a car before going there to visit some other nice places. And you should do trekking there. You can walk the lycian way(likya yolu) from Olympos to Adrasan. It is max 8 hours to walk over the mountain.
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    Tomtis, you forgot to mention the biggest attraction, which are the flames that occur naturally, billowing out of the mountainside. Quite a spectacular sight. According to legend , the monster Chimera who had three fire spewing heads, was chased by the Lycian hero Bellerophon on his winged horse Pegasus. 
    Bellerophon  killed Chimera by chopping off his three heads. The flaming heads fell in the mountain where they still burn today.
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