When to go and where to stay in Goa?



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    Goa is the most beautiful place in India. If you are a type of person who wants to enjoy the peace and serenity of the environment than South Goan places are the best but for for a lil spice in your vacation than you should spend the vacation in the north. Monsoons in Goa start from June and end September- October so you can avoid these months for your vacation. Rest of which , Goa is always at its best .
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    No one can ignore the natural beauty of Goa. Beaches and beautiful landscapes are major attractions of Goa. Apart from these attractions there are lot more a visitors loves to visit. Churches, old markets and forts are my favourite among all.
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    When traveling with kids, it is very important to have someone you trust while booking your stay,
    The resorts are changing all the time, and what was a goot goa resort last year might have changed this season, 
    we found some great help form the people in this portal, www.beachhutbooking.com - personal resorts in goa and ended up staying in April in patnem beach!, AC and all and right on the beach Tnx.

  • Traveling with kids make someone holiday very special and memorable. But one need too cautious about his/her child typically places like Goa. There are many resorts and hotels provide different type of kids activities to keep busy kids. If you are looking exciting kids activities where you can spend time  then Tangerine Resort is good place for you to stay..
  • Goa is India’s smallest state by a considerable margin, but its
    pocket-sized charms exert a powerful allure. You feel the difference
    immediately on arrival – the familiar subcontinental bustle and jostling
    give way to a measured languor and broad smiles, and the skies clear to
    a distant horizon.
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    I am planning to visit goa in April with my friend . my budget is Rs.7000 is it enough there ?
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    Goa is a the smallest state in India, but have many beaches and lots of attractions. Various beach activities to explore. There are hotels and resorts offering 2/3 nights package for 2 at moderate cost. You can try them. Also you can travel differently like to stay in home-stay, eat in small hotels, enjoy activities, nightlife at much low budget.
  • Most of  The Luxary five star resorts and hotels are located in the South of Goa and all of them are on beaches that are virtually private. A typical five-star hotels all these feature everything you would expect with most even providing free airport transfers.
  • There are few luxary resort present in Goa but you can choose Zuri hotel. It is good. I like it.
  • A great beach to visit when in Goa in Mandrem beach. Its great for a relaxing stay. I stayed in Beach Street Resort at Mandrem and had a surprisingly good stay. They were one of the few hotels on this stretch that had a pool which is one of the reasons why is chose it. The bar was pretty cheap and the variety of food was amazing. I never thought that i would eat sushi at a beach resort in Goa! Overall Mandrem beach was a fantastic experience and i would recommend it to anyone visiting Goa. 
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    Goa is very beautiful place for holiday vacations..
    One of the best ways to see all that Goa India has to offer is by hiring a motorbike or scooter, and exploring at leisure.
    1. Markets
    2. Goa Beaches
    3. Old Goa
    4. Latin Quarter
    5. Wildlife Sanctuaries
    6. Spice Plantations
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