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    As many of you I to was contacted out of the blue from a Russian girl looking for a gentleman. We have corresponded for about two weeks and its to the point where she says she loves me and wants to visit.
    She has only seen 2 not so great photos of me and many letters.
    All of her letters, pictures and videos seem very sincere. I want this to be real but after ready so many comments I begin to wonder. Many of my questions go unanswered and I just chalk that up to the language barrier. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to nip this in the bud and find a way to discover if this is a scam before she actually asks for money. Much appreciated gang. Alg
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    Hi guys,

    I've been reading for a week now all the comments about russian girls scams, here is why. I am a paranoid freak, I got that from my parents. Any of your stories would not have even tempted me, they seem to be soooooooooo obvious. Here is where I stop looking from above and understand you all : I met my russian babe on vacation. I actually had a great time for the few hours I had with her, she even put out. Now, I tend to have a pretty good opinion of myself but I do have a hard time believing that someone can fall head over heels for me that fast. We skype regularly and we aslo text, somehow, there are time (text) when she can totally understand everything I say but when on skype it becomes a bit harder to communicate, I'm thinking that texts are written by Boris instead... She hasn't asked for any money yet, just for us to see each other as soon as possible for our love not to fade away. There are so many things that lead me to believe it's a scam but then again, none of the scams I have ever read about actually discuss grils you would have met in real person as a connexion point instead of just plain internet. I am served the standard love names instead of my name, makes it easier not to mess up, I see discrepencies between levels of English, depending on the communication mode, I find that the degree of intensity is too high (you are my life!!), etc. On the other hand, I could explain most of it by wishful thinking but it's not my type. Regardless of my suspicions and my paranoid personality, she is sooooooooo good that the question needs to be asked, could it be true ? Heart vs Brain... Hard fight !!! Maybe I'll have my answer as soon as we decide to make a move and see each other and then be asked for money but so far I've been avoiding that moment in fear of beeing right, sometimes I hate to be right... Any of you ever heard of "in-person vacation scams" ?
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    Do you guys insult all IT workers when you get a virus?
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    This is to Alg ^^ (Feb 27, 2013 post)

    These are the ways I protect myself without spending a coin.

    1) Use
    Right click her email, click properties, details tab, and copy the entire message source. Paste it into this awesome email-IP tracker.
    Usually it's a given it will trace the email directly to the host city where the email originated. It hasn't failed me yet. That's the first thing I do whenever I receieve the first contact message to my private email.

    2) If you can't verify her location via email trace, then ask her to send you an email through a different verifiable account - for your own sanity sake.

    3) After that is done, the next important step is to politely demand communication via a simple cheap laptop and use the Skype program. Laptops have a built in webcam and it's 100% free to both cam in skype and also full 100% voice communication while you cam to save tons on phone bills. This way you KNOW she is who her pictures say she is.

    4) It could still be a scam op of course and takes further research to uncover those. I use google for the email address and phone number to see if there any hits on scam sites, also the full given names. Another popular method is to copy/paste the entire first paragraph of any email letter she sends and see if there are comparable hits on google. I've had that happen before and it was a close friend who suggested I try it. Most scam letters come up word for word this way.

    5) The last method I use is to always offer to GO THERE first. If she is serious in her intent, she will be thrilled to see you in her hometown or close-by. This way, you dont send a cent to her(him probably) but prepare yourself for an alternative vacation there if she turns out to be not true and instead spend your time enjoying yourself in the area.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • Guest of Jan 20th, thanks you have provided useful information. I started looking up on scams as I suspect I might be in beginning stages of a scam being built, and from info provided here also by Rebel99 my suspicions might be true as IP address from hometown and subsequently from Moscow are identical.

    Question I have is for guest from Jan 20th, who ever you might be, but I do gather that you might be Russian yourself from your comments.
    If many other cultures are still using the Internet in today's fast paced lifestyle why then would decent Russian ladies be excluded?
    Yes, on both sides of the divide there are the abusers of any system, but too there are also just as many who use the system as designed and are genuine seekers? Not so?

    My suggestion is, keep looking use all methods of technology offered but give the respondent a chance.
    If in doubt test the waters, Rebel99's advice is sound.

  • Hahaha! Stupid foreigners! I am a Russian girl. I have been communicating with men from different countries for two years, and I must say, you are all very easy to cheat on. I have cheated on many men...but I have found my real Norwegian love now I must stop cheating..and I am not sad) it's really about time to stop) be careful, guys!
  • I am astounded at the number of idiots posting here. Too funny.

    Carry on, dummies.

  • This is absolutely hilarious. I have never had such a great laugh. Some people want to be scammed so badly. Maybe it is natural selection at work. I have never ever been scammed. I am trying hard not to laugh out loud. I get hundreds if not thousands of emails from prospective Russian girlfriends. I love the eye candy they send me and I enjoy playing them to the max. Not all Russians are scammers just as not everyone surfing the net is the brightest crayon in the box. Keep the stories coming. This is gold. Keep up the high grade entertainment.

  • Yeah right ;) a very reliable site for Russian gold diggers.
  • I met a Russian girl on the Internet and we met in turkey it was easy for us both to get there no money exchanged. She is Russian and I an British but live in France we have met a number of times but I would like her to come to France.
    Does anyone know how this is possible please
  • David, have you ever heard of this crazy thing called, "Google?"

    Give it a try.

  • Davidaude,
    Your girlfriend need to apply for a Schengen visa for France .
    Have a heart Terry their in love You know how it affects the senses !
  • Thank you
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    Beware of a young Russian boy pretending just arrived from U.S, his from Prazhskaya , who lived in Moscow. His named is dannyevans in okcupid sites. He is scammers . His age in that sites says 23 and when you finally meet him...he will try his best to have sex with you.The next day... After meeting him... he will text you telling you he was 17 yrs. old only.It is very clear that he can not join any of dating sites if he is below 17 years old only. This kind of blackmailing it is clear to threaten you as you were older than him and later, once he knows that you were scared. He will want to meet and settle... absolutely, he ask money. Don't get fooled with this boy. BEWARE
  • So you actually met this person in real life not just on the internet? If this young man actually pulled this stunt on you in real life did you go to the police, or at least inform the dating site?
  • Wow, and here I thought I'd heard everything!
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