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Cost of travelling in India: price of accommodation?

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What is the general cost of travelling in India with regards to accommodation, transport, eating out etc.? Are there decent places to visit, stay and eat on a budget or do tourists need to spend a lot of money for basic amenities? And for transport, is it best to rent a car or use public transport?


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    Accomodation: Budget hotel rooms starts from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1500.Not very expensive.Foreigners can afford.

    Transport: Use Metro(only in Delhi,Calcutta),Buses,Auto,Cycle-rickshaw.->cheap . Otherwise hire your own vehicle @ Rs.7/Km.(Delhi rate,varies from place to place)

    Eating out: Good hygenic restaurants available everywhere.Drink only packaged water.Your immunity may not be as strong as ours.Again cheap and affordable.

    Overall India is cheap for Europeans,Americans and other white colored.They are considered rich and often targeted by touts.Beware at bus stands,markets,railway statios,public places etc./.Indians are friendly and warm hearted.They are as curious about you as you are about them.Talk,mix,interact,discuss.Maintain a distance if you are not comfortable.It is a beautiful country full of contradictions. Just go out and enjoy.
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    Read Anand's response, thought I'll disagree on a point... No, the Rs 100 a night is definitly not for the faint hearted! People used to basic sanitation and hygiene in the west will find that unlike the B&B in the west, these are extremely uncomfortable to the point of disgust. And prices vary a lot from city to city. I would highly reccomend investing in the 'Lonely Planet' travel guide before travelling to/in India
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    just got back done the triangle tour, I found it very much a cant do to much country as we were pestered all the time , they were pleasant enough but could not leave us along which did limit our walk abouts.
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    Stay as a paying guest, it's a lot cheaper and with homely comforts.
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    It depends where in India you are going. In places like Mumbai for example rooms are ridiculously expensive and you are looking at about 1000Rs minimum for a really low quailty room. In places like Pushkar I found myself a lovely room with 24 hr hot water, air con, sateilite tv and a pool for about 350Rs a night!
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    I agree with Anand that keeping a distance from trouble by following basic precautions goes a long way. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in New Delhi with an Indian friend, Karol bagh to be precised. I will be interested in the Paying Guest concept, where one can get an accommodation on a monthly basis with furnishing and food, am under the impression that it will be around Rs. 6000 per month inclusive of the food, not bad eh.

    Oh, by the way I'm from Arizona and fascinated and awed about India.
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    For Caucasians, one recurring issue in India, some parts of Thailand and elsewhere
    is that we are considered rich.
    Therefore we are often targeted by touts.
    They are kind of like pests in a human form.
    They will not leave you alone.
    They attempt to solicit business from you in a brazen way.

    Beware of them in bus stands, markets, railway stations, and other touristy places.
    Ideally you should maintain your distance, if you are not comfortable.
    Easier said than done.

    The most effective tactic is to ignore them.
    Because they are far more experienced in tactics than you are.
    Don't make eye contact with them and do not even look at what they are trying to sell you,
    or they will follow you for two city blocks,
    holding out that portable chess set that you never knew you wanted.

    As a Canadian, I tend to be polite.
    But it does not matter what you say, or how polite you are, or how many times you say no.
    What drives the touts most crazy is when you just ignore them.

    You don't make eye contact with them, and
    And you do not even look at what they are trying to sell to you.
    You just ignore them.

    Because if they are really driving you up the wall,
    it is better to forget you are Canadian and not to be quite so polite.
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    The budget question is always a tricky one as it really depends on your attitude to budget accommodation. In some parts of India you can find a relatively cheap room that is simple but clean and good value and in Rajasthan some real gems, in large cities you may pay a lot for a shabby room that is labelled as 'deluxe' and relatively huge amounts for the big luxury hotels. If you want to stick to a tight budget you will find something, but it might be an uncomfortable night. There are also lots of bland md-range business class hotels in the cities as well. As Unni says, I would take a good guide book and do some research before you depart and if you are really particular about standards then pay a bit more or pre-book your stay so that you can take the stress out of your trip.
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    The cost may vary from your travel needs. It depends that you need luxury travel facilities or budget travel.
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    India is a beautiful country to visit. Renting a car or a public transport....choice depends on place where you are visiting? All things varies from state to state. Like in Gujarat or Rajasthan, renting a car is best while in Delhi, Chandigarh, Public transport is perfect.
    For accommodation, you can rent a guest house or a service apartment, meal services also available with them.
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    It all depends where you want to go in India. It is always advisable to avoid roadside stalls because they do not maintain the basic hygeine required. For transport you should book your own car unless you go to scenic places like Vishakapatnam where there is excellent transportation service and you can travel easily wihtout any pushing around. There are scores of accomodation facilities catering to everyone is available so you need not worry about that.
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    You can enjoy your tour when you got travel packages from different travel agencies in India.
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    Yes you can surely go to India at cheap travelling cost. There is many places are cheap compared to other countries. India travel is very interesting with there’s natural beauty and very historical monuments. In my opinion Maharashtra is best one. There would not be more costly. Maharashtra tourist places ( are really enjoyable and lots of hotels are arranged for your stay.
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    @ Mike, yes in many parts of Asia you will learn quickly that they are thick skinned with selling these items, so be thick skinned in rejecting them. Don't be rude, as far as you can avoid. But just carry on walking past them and you will look confident, like you know how these things work, and they are less likely to follow you too far. If they come too close, you can hold up a hand to say no. You can say no thank you, firmly. But just keep walking. Even if they manage to stop you, don't engage them. Do the dance and walk around them. You'll be fine.
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    Oh and a good way to check for accommodation rates in India is to use travel fare comparison sites.I think they mostly focus on hotels but they have budget accommodation and house rentals also so you can share with friends. They are updated regularly so you can compare quite easily and figure out what's the average.
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    Let me start with accommodation.

    1. All range of hotels are out there in India. I can assume the range from Rs. 1000 to 50000 or even more than that.
    2. Using public transport will be cheaper than renting a car. But I can’t take surety for your convenient travel with public transport.
    3. Eating out might cost you from Rs. 100 to 2,000 and rest depends on your budget.

    Rather than doing all the things and spending money separately will be worst idea for anyone who travel in India. I would recommend you to go for any of the travel agent of India and if they can manage and build a custom tour package to India.
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    It depends at which level you are planning to take your trip? Also it depends from where you belongs.Currency value really matters alot. Although staying here is not much costly if go for 3 stars or 5 stars.And you must go for public transports like metro.But first plan your trip wisely.
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    Its totally depends on you. India is very cheap country, with a few rupees you can do anything. There are many Budget Hotels in India where you can stay comfortably. Its Hotels, Transports, Foods all are very cheap. Staying in 3 Star or 5 Star is not so much costly. But its also depends on from where you are coming your currency value really matters.
  • true, india is very cheap county...india is the best country to spend your time....
    Enjoy your travels, but be safe!
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    I would suggest you to plan your trip with any good travel agency as they will help you in this regard from every piece of travel needs. However, India has the much cheaper accommodations, travel option when compared to other countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc. I would suggest you to double check the hotel amenities before checking in.
  • Hi bob, thanks for giving chance to solve your problem. As per as your requirement  accommodations in India is not expensive but traveling in holiday season is very difficult to get room in hotel staring star rating because in these days most of hotels are already booked. So if you are coming in holiday season then you have to reserve room in advance or take help of a travel agent. You can visit many amazing places in India like Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala God land.

    According to me if you are  want to know rich culture, tradition and stunning sightseeing then spend at least 3 days in each places like Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa.

    Goa  is place where you can enjoy fantastic nightlife and stunning beaches, resorts and green environment. At Rajasthan you can know and learn rich culture and traditional lifestyle of India, how ancient Indian are living  while Kerala you can visit many ancient temples, enjoy delicious south Indian food and relax in spa and body massage.
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    I had my vacation last April 2014 in New Delhi, India. I stayed at Wood Castle Hotel. The room was clean and organized. This hotel is very relaxing and I really like their services.
  • Hi Everyone
    Most of people asking me about cost of travel in india, so just want to share my thoughts with you guys,
    Generally it depends on your preference for traveling option, like by road or by train it, how much you want to spend on your food, where do you want to stay...all factors count for budget trip..something on this topic i found a interesting utility travel cost calculator ..try it may be it is useful for all of us

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    There are are cheap hotels as well as expensive hotels in India. It is better you get information about these details prior to travelling to India. If yo are taking any packages everything will be included like travelling and stay . Can find out cheap hotels searching in net. If you are visiting Munnar, Kerala in India, Can stay in Munnar whispering Meadows or Munnar Nature Zone Resort. They offers some packages also where travelling also included.
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    The cost of traveling in India is comparatively cheaper compared to many International tourist destinations. For long distance journey, traveling via railway will be the best option. There are also budget airlines like Air Asia and Air Pegasus plying across India. The accommodation will depend on the place you visit. In south Indian areas such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala, you can get accommodation can at affordable prices. There are luxury resorts such as Raviz which offers stays starting at 3900.
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