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To all of you that have visited Lisbon

Hello:) I'm a portuguese student and I am doing my master thesis on the touristic image of Lisbon. In my investigation, I need to collect foreigners' opinion about the image of Lisbon, so I ask you all, that have visited Lisbon, to answer this survey I'm doing. I can assure all of you that it is totally anonymous and it has only academic purposes. It would be a great help for me to finish my masters! Also, if you know someone that has been Lisbon, please share the link with them!

Thank you all so much!

This is the link:


Dulce Santos


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    As you are doing survey on Lisbon, you must have known that it is the best known historical place in Europe.There are many historic churches, monasteries that flourishes its beauty.You must find out more and more about the churches and its history then only you can have a review about how great this place is.
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