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Cuban travel for 2

edited March 2013 in - Cuba
As much research and reading as we've done we can't seem to find any clarification on how much the Casa Particulars in Cuba will be costing us so that we can budget properly.
Traveling there as a couple, are the prices that we are seeing (from 25-50 cuc) per room, per night, PER PERSON? or would that be per room, per night for both of us?
Any insight would be much appreciated.



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    Cost is always per room, not per person.

    Have fun.

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    The casa particular varies a great deal all over Cuba and all over Havana in quality and price. They go from 15 - 50 CUC a night, but as Terry says this is always the price per room.
    Usually breakfast is included for the higher end rooms and other places may charge 3CUC or so....
    this IS per person! :-)
    I really recommend getting the breakfast included as getting a good breakfast in a cafe or restaurant is not so easy and never as good as in the casas. (Cubans don't go out for breakfast, so there isn't much to choose from outside the casas) This keeps you going all day!
    Enjoy !!
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